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Sean V. Bradley, CSP is an entrepreneur, published author, speaker and award-winning international trainer. He is a 13-time NADA/ATD convention speaker, FranklinCovey Certified Facilitator and has earned the coveted “CSP” designation in the National Speakers Association. Sean is also a member of the elite “Million Dollar Speakers Group”, in the NSA, and additionally a state association speaker and trainer. He has spoken at over 300 NCM and NADA 20 Groups. Sean started Dealer Synergy over 16 years ago, but has been in the automotive industry for almost 22 years. Sean and his Dealer Synergy team are a 10 time Dealers’ Choice Award Winner for being the “Best of the Best Internet Sales Trainer”  and “Mobile Provider Partner” in the Automotive Sales Industry. 

Sean learned the business from the ground up. Beginning as a sales consultant, he has since held positions at dealerships as Sales Manager, Internet Sales Manager, Special Finance Manager and Business Development Director. At his first dealership, he averaged over 30 units per month, taking the sale from start to finish. On the heels of his success, Sean was recruited to a dealer group, Pine Belt Automotive, where he moved their Nissan/Kia/Cadillac store from 20 units per month online, to over 110! He repeated those results two years later when he took over the Internet Department of Cherry Hill Nissan, and grew their volume from 27 to over 100 units per month online.

Sean has personally trained over 100,000 Automotive Sales Professionals in 3,000 unique roof tops. However, he literally influences hundreds of thousands of professionals, in and out of the Automotive Sales industry, all over the world, through his over 3,000 published articles, his Best Selling Book “Win the Game of Googleopoly”, his over 7,000 videos published online, and through his social network of hundreds of thousands of interactive members, fans and followers!

Additionally, Sean is the creator of the Millionaire Car Salesman Group, with a membership count of 17,000 automotive professionals, and the co-host of the globally recognized Millionaire Car Salesman podcast.

Sean is first generation in this country. His father is Belizean and his mother is half Sicilian and half Honduran. Sean was born in Queens, New York and lived most of his childhood in Queens and Brooklyn. He moved to New Jersey at 12 years old.

Sean grew up in a surreal environment enveloped in violence, neglect and poverty. Sean was sent away to a boys home for 3 years, from 12-15. He later got into trouble and wound up losing another 3 years of his life, from 19-22. Sean got into the automotive sales industry because he had no other options, no plans, no hope and because he was offered a “demo”! Sean went from having absolutely nothing and hitting rock bottom, to becoming  a multi-millionaire with a huge platform of influence, BECAUSE of the opportunities allotted to him  in the automotive sales industry. He realized that he could make as much money as he could earn, and the rest is history.

Family is the MOST important aspect of Sean’s world. He married his “dream girl”, Karen Bradley and they have 4 beautiful children: Tianna (21), Kalina (19), Lil Sean (12) and Xander (6). Sean never had a family as a kid. No father and a mentally disturbed mother, both of which he has no contact with. He swore that he would give his family everything he never had and everything that he wished he had. His family is his greatest accomplishment and passion and is evident in where he spends his time and energy.

Martial Arts

Sean LOVES Martial Arts! He grew up watching Kung Fu movies at 3 PM on Channel 5, in New York. His favorite actor / Martial Artist is “Bruce Lee”. Sean has been immersed in Martial Arts for over 30 years. He has a Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo, but is MOST proud of his Purple Belt (with one stripe) in Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He trains at the World Famous Balance Studios, in Philly, and is close friends with the owners Ricardo and Phil Migliarese. Sean has been taking private lessons for over 13 years, every Saturday, with Ricardo Migliarese. One of his lifetime goals is to earn his Black Belt in Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Sean LOVES cars! He is blessed to work in an industry that caters to one of his passions, CARS! He has owned most of his “dream cars” like the BMW i8 and Maserati Levante, but next up on his “dream car” wishlist is an ORANGE Lamborghini and soon after, a Bugatti!

Video Games

Sean has been obsessed with video games since he was a kid! And he NEVER outgrew it. Now he is super excited to share this obsession with his 2 sons, Lil Sean and Xander. He is proud to say that even at ages 12 and 6, both of his sons are GAMERS! They have even all traveled to Texas for one of the BEST video game conferences in the world, “SXSW”!

Sean’s favorite games to rock out on are:

  • Mortal Kombat 11
  • Call of Duty
  • Batman (Any of them)
  • Injustice

If you want to get some, you can find Sean on PlayStation4 at BBOYCEO or “Sean V Bradley”


One of Sean’s biggest passions is TRAVELING! He loves that when most people “drive” to work… he “flies” to work. Sean is literally on an airplane almost on a weekly basis. Sean has traveled and trained in 46 out of the 50 states, including Hawaii!

As for over seas, Sean is blessed to be able to travel the world. Some of the countries he has traveled to are:

  • Russia
  • Italy
  • France
  • Canada
  • Belize
  • Honduras
  • Bahamas
  • Jamaica
  • Haiti
  • Mexico
  • Virgin Islands
  • Dominican Republic
  • Puerto Rico

Sean still has many places and countries left on his travel bucket list and can’t wait to explore them!

Sean has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities all across the country. To learn about all of the organizations and individuals Sean has supported, please visit our Help Because You Can page.

Sean's Skills & Specialties

Sean V. Bradley, CSP is the Best Selling Author of

Googleopoly Is Published By The #1 Business Book Publishing Company, Wiley In 2015. Googleopoly Is The Secret Strategy Of Search Engines.

Google is not only the number one search engine in the world, it is also the number one website in the world. Only 5 percent of site visitors search past the first page of Google, so if you’re not in those top ten results, you are essentially invisible. Winning the Game of Googleopoly is the ultimate roadmap to Page One Domination. The POD strategy is what gets you on that super-critical first page of Google results by increasing your page views. You’ll learn how to shape your online presence for Search Engine Optimization, effectively speaking Google’s language to become one of the top results returned for relevant queries. This invaluable resource provides a plan that is universal to any business in any industry, and provides expert guidance on tailoring the strategy to best suit your organization. Coverage includes an explanation of the mechanics of a search, and how to tie your website, paid ads, online reputation, social media, content, images, and video into a winning SEO strategy that pushes you to the front of the line.

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