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Learn How to Get Started and What to Expect

Arrange a discovery session via a Zoom video conference meeting here.

A Dealer Synergy representative will conduct a needs analysis, current situation/qualification analysis and SWOT assessment, to build a profile for your dealership(s) and understand the goals.

Once we understand your complete situation, we will be able to best advise which services will fit your current needs. Armed with that knowledge, a Dealer Synergy representative will then create a proposal.

Upon completion of our proposal, we will schedule a proposal review, held via a Zoom video conference meeting, with you and any other key decision makers, if any.

During the proposal review, you and the other key decision makers, if any, will decide which services you would like to partner with us on.

Once the services are agreed upon, a Dealer Synergy representative will create the final partnership agreement, along with the appropriate terms.

Upon signing the partnership agreement, Dealer Synergy will begin the new client onboarding process. You will receive a new client kit, via email, with all necessary forms and information regarding next steps. If you are a Bradley On Demand client, you will receive intake forms to identify the members of your organization, along with access levels. Internally, once the intake forms are returned, we will build your dealership profile in our CRM and have an internal meeting to discuss your dealership, the contracted services, the expectations and the goals to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Depending on your specific services, Dealer Synergy will go to work on the implementation of those services, based on the blueprint created during the discovery call. We will then perform the scope of work based on the 4 P’s: Products, People, Processes and Promotions. Simultaneously, various Dealer Synergy team members will work on your technology, software, resources, CRM setup and modifications, HR/staffing (recruiting, job descriptions, pay plans, schedule, etc), marketing ROI, lead generation strategy, vendor partner analysis/replacement and more.

As we are implementing your services, we will focus on getting your dealership prepared for our onsite training/bootcamp (if applicable) through Bradley On Demand, the Millionaire Car Salesman Group, the Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast, Dealer Synergy Academy classes, Zoom meetings, Google Classrooms and more.

Once all of the preparations and prerequisites are finalized, Dealer Synergy will come to your dealership for a 5-7 day onsite training/program immersion bootcamp.

After the onsite training/bootcamp is completed, the Dealer Synergy monthly support and accountability program kicks in, where we will on a daily, weekly and monthly basis continue to educate, train, observe, advise, motivate and hold accountable your team members and departments to the expected goals and results.

All Dealer Synergy clients are encouraged to join us for our bi-annual Internet Sales 20 Group conference to learn from the best experts in and out of the automotive industry and network with other dealerships from all around the world.

Our Pricing

We’ve all heard “you get what you pay for” and that statement couldn’t ring truer here. When it comes to hiring a training and consulting firm, cheap shouldn’t be an option. Not only is cheap an unwise choice, it can potentially cost you MORE in the long run: lost money, lost time, lost employees and lost profits. We definitely aren’t the cheapest, but there is a reason why we have more nationally acclaimed successes than any other automotive sales training, consulting, CRM and accountability firm in the industry, and if you follow our program, you will sell more cars! Below you will find pricing for a few of our services, however, for more accurate pricing, we recommend you schedule a discovery call, HERE.

Onsite Training

Bootcamp for Greatness!
  • Gamification / Entertrainment
  • Training Textbook
  • Training & Motivation Materials


Turn your CRM into an ATM!
  • Customized Set-Up
  • Training
  • Support / Accountability


Partnering with a training and consulting firm does not equate to a magic bean you can plant and suddenly sell more cars, more often and more profitably. It takes work, discipline, dedication and commitment. Commitment is defined as the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity. Commitment is the factor that drives success in our programs, which is why we require an agreement for our more extreme, results-driven services. We are going to go hard for your success and we need to know you will too. Depending on your specific situation, we may recommend a 12 month, 18 month or 24 month commitment. By signing an agreement, it shows your allegiance to the program, creates “buy-in”, creates accountability to the results (which equals more car sales) and serves as insurance to protect your investment because team members understand it simply just isn’t going anywhere. However, don’t worry. The commitment is bidirectional. If we fail to deliver on our end, the agreement becomes null and void.

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