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16 years ago, a company was founded on the principle that people were no longer shopping for cars the way they once did. They were no longer packing up the family to spend the day walking the lots of dealerships, in search of the perfect vehicle, to fit all of their needs. They discovered that the information they needed was right at their fingertips, via the Internet. A brave young man had an inkling that this was the way of the future and after experiencing unprecedented success himself, decided to step out on a limb to help others achieve the same.

Dealer Synergy is the nation’s #1 Automotive Sales training, consulting and accountability firm. We’ve earned that recognition for our astounding results, grossing our dealers over $1 billion in additional revenue! We are honored to share that our clients have experienced national level success and have graced the covers of more than 26 automotive magazines, not to mention countless digital recognition.

We have been building Internet Departments and BDCs for over 2 decades! It is that experience that has allowed us to develop the absolute best automotive Internet Sales, BDC and CRM solutions for car dealerships. Through research and development, trial and evolvement, we have created the most effective training programs, processes, phone scripts, rebuttals, CRM action plans, strategies and templates, to take both your tools and your people to the next level. Furthermore, it is our belief that Internet Sales is the lifeline of the dealership and we as pioneers feel that every dealership should be grooming their operations to not just possess an Internet Department, but rather operate an Internet Dealership.

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