Statistically Speaking, Your CRM is Broken

  • Dealers are losing $1.4 Million per Year on Average because of their CRM
  • 90% of all Dealerships have an improper CRM setup
  • Missing Action Plans and Processes
  • Outdated Templates (Lacking proper HTML & Video)
  • No Proper Training or Accountability
  • Dealerships are overspending on Marketing / Advertising by $15,000 per month

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Our CRM Support

CRM is a culture. Trends are constantly changing. Technology is continuously improving. If you are a part of our CRM Support program, you will receive any updates that we make to Dealer Synergy’s processes, action plans, templates, scripts, etc. You are also entitled to a monthly CRM audit and unlimited CRM Support. Your staff will also have access to attend our Dealer Synergy Academy courses.

CRM Auditing

We want to ensure that you and your staff are utilizing your CRM to its full potential. There are multiple types of audits that we may conduct. Whether it is a written audit or an audit conducted via Zoom, Dealer Synergy is here to help hold you and your team accountable.

CRM Process Creation

Depending on the third-party lead providers that you may be utilizing, Dealer Synergy will take their suggested action plan(s) and merge them with our standard strategy and philosophy to create a robust hybrid process. One that will give you the success that you and your dealership deserve.

CRM Template Creation

Dealer Synergy has a library of word tracks to help your team increase your engagement percentages. Our library includes - email templates, text message templates, voicemail scripts, and inbound & outbound conversational scripts. Dealer Synergy along with your dealership's goal is to entice the customer to respond. These are constantly being updated and changed.

CRM Specialization

We have master accounts in all of the following CRMs - VinSolutions, ELEAD, Dealer Socket, and ProMax. If you do not have one of these CRMs, don’t fret! Dealer Synergy would be more than happy to build our processes from scratch in the CRM that you utilize, and work with, at your store.

CRM Support

Ever have issues connecting with your CRM Performance Manager? If your CRM is not working properly, we believe you should obtain immediate assistance. Dealer Synergy’s CRM team is knowledgeable in multiple CRMs. So if you have any questions, problems, or glitches; Dealer Synergy is another source to help with anything that may arise.

Dealer Synergy Academy

Dealer Synergy offers monthly courses that include (but isn’t limited to) - phone training, CRM training, relationship management, and time management. If you are a part of Dealer Synergy’s CRM Support program, you will have access to our monthly scheduled classes.

The Best CRM Surgeon in the Industry

Sean V. Bradley, CSP is you total solution for CRM content, auditing, accountability and so much more.

  • Conducted thousands of CRM audits, personally
  • Uses audits to tailor a Dealership-Specific solution
  • Immersed in Internet Sales for over 20 years
  • Creator of the 8 Ways to Sell program
  • The Best CRM Professional in the Industry

Are You Integrating Video FULLY into Your CRM?

Cutting Edge CRM Strategies

  • The Ultimate CRM processes, templates, scripts and more
  • Dealer Synergy has a Private Major Account Performance Manager Team and its own VinSolutions store
  • Shared special privileges with VinSolutions
  • Dealer Synergy can load everything into their account, expediting the process with VinSolutions clients
  • Over $50,000 worth of content

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Become a CRM Guru

  • CRM is the MOST important tool
  • Dealer Synergy has the Industry’s FIRST Online Training, Tracking and Certification Program for CRM
  • No other company in the Industry has a resource on this scale
  • Certify your Sales Reps, BDC Reps and Managers on CRM
  • Bradley On Demand offers an abundance of CRM and VinSolutions content

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Dealer Synergy's CRM Specialists

Dealer Synergy has CRM specialists on staff that specialize EXCLUSIVELY in VinSolutions.

Jasmine, the Senior CRM Specialist is here to make sure YOUR CRM is running properly. The CRM team has created a Weekly, Monthly and End of the Month Recap to make sure everything is as smooth as possible!

Receive a FREE CRM Audit! ($995 Value)

Tailored Content for Your Dealership

  • While CRM Companies provide the infrastructure, they do not provide tailored content for YOUR dealership
  • Sales and Services processes are tailored to your dealership
  • Lead assignments and templates are set up
  • Dealer Synergy provides Full Blown CRM support, accountability, training and enhancements
  • The Dealer Synergy CRM team is here to advise you, problem solve and support you with strategies, processes and content
  • CRM should be upgraded and enhanced FREQUENTLY
  • Dealer Synergy automatically places new content into your Dealership’s CRM and you will receive an in depth CRM audit every month

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