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Accountability Program

You invest good money into training your people, but how do you protect that investment? The answer for most is…”uh, training”. While we whole-heartedly believe training is the solution to most deficiencies, training is like bathing. If not done often, or correctly, eventually you begin to stink. Training is also like wearing braces, once they come off (or the training company leaves), if you don’t wear a retainer (or lack accountability measures), your teeth will move back (or your department or dealership will resort back to old ways) and all the time, money, growing pains and results are wasted.

You see,  information without application is simply information. However, information with application equals TRANSFORMATION. Training your team is awesome, but who at your organization is making sure your team members continue to follow and execute your invested program without exception, without fail? Dealer Synergy realized a long time ago that training is simply not enough. In fact, based on the “Science of Communication”, 50% of what is said dissipates the moment communication ends and 48 hours later, ONLY 25% of that 50% remains. That means you can receive  the greatest training in the world, but sadly, ONLY 12.5% of the original information conveyed remains.

So again, how do you protect your training investment? Through training yes, but followed by strategic accountability.

Dealer Synergy's Support & Accountability Program

Studies show that a person or organization is 65 percent more likely to achieve a goal with an accountability partner. You see, accountability is the glue that holds everything else together! It is the backbone of discipline and means doing the things that need to be done, rather than doing the things we want done.  It creates a mission-driven culture that is aligned in goals and is the key to achieving long-term and consistent success.It keeps team members focused and eliminates time wasted on distractions and unproductive behavior. It builds trust, improves performance and increases quality of work. That is why Dealer Synergy designed a full monthly support  & accountability program to amplify the effects and drive up the results of its training program.  We literally co-manage the department and / or the entire dealership on a daily, weekly and monthly level. We focus on the “4P’s”: Products (Resources), People, Processes and Promotions (Marketing). 

Learn More About The Services Included in our Monthly Support & Accountability Program Below:

Dealership Goals & Projections

Goals & Projections

At the beginning of each month, Dealer Synergy will conduct a goals and projection meeting where we review the previous month’s results. This data is collected via the Dealer Synergy scorecard. Our proprietary scorecard tracks and measures the performance of all team members based on lead volume, phone call attempts, phone call connections, appointments scheduled, appointments confirmed, appointments shown and appointments sold. We discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of the month and discuss ways to perpetuate what is working, and eliminate what is not. Armed with that information, we are able to intelligently project realistic goals for the new month, along with the exact roadmap to achieve it.

Call Monitoring

Call Monitoring

You cannot evolve what you do not track and measure. Just like you have process integrity on the showroom floor, with the “road to the sale”, you must have process integrity on the phones, with the “road to the appointment” with Call Monitoring. Throughout the month, Dealer Synergy will pull, review and grade recorded phone calls with the objective to provide both quantitative and qualitative measurements of the call. The assessment of these calls gives us the ability to monitor process accountability, identify areas of missed opportunity, serve as a diagnosis tactic for phone coaching sessions and to confirm the representative is identifying, meeting and exceeding the prospects wants, wishes, needs and expectations, the key to selling more  appointments, having more appointments show, and selling more cars, more often and more profitably. 

Phone Training

Phone Training

Whether a person is new to the dealership, or a respected veteran, everyone needs consistent training. Remember the stat about the “Science of Communication”? Initial training is simply being exposed to the curriculum. True-everlasting training comes from repetition, repetition and more repetition, combined with time and experience. While Dealer Synergy offers our dealer clients many ways to accomplish their training like: in person, 24/7 on-demand and virtually, the best way to train on the phones is by…you guessed it…on the phone. As a part of our monthly support and accountability program, Dealer Synergy conducts monthly phone training sessions with the various positions of the department. Depending on the experience level of the trainee, the phone training session will range from a simple introduction to the Dealer Synergy phone process and scripts, to a back-and-forth mach role play, all the way to making actual LIVE phone calls with real prospects to teach via real life example, rather than just lecture.

CRM Accountability

CRM Training & Support

90 percent of all dealerships’ CRMs are either broken, not set up properly, lack the appropriate content, action plans, processes and scripts,  underutilized and/or not maintained. We at Dealer Synergy believe that the CRM is the #1 technology resource for an individual, manager, department, or dealership, which is why we have designed a full CRM accountability program. On a monthly basis, we will provide continuous training on the psychology of the CRM and its tactics, process strategy, day-to-day usage and how to sell more cars with your CRM! In addition to the ongoing training, we are your tier 1 support, even before the CRM company. Why? Most CRM companies train on the buttonology of the tool, but offer no real strategy for engagement and follow up. Our training is way more powerful because it goes beyond the buttonology to creating a true competitive edge by teaching you the above, coupled with the importance of relationship building, which will help you sell more cars, increase CSI scores, reputation and referral business. Above all that, as new content and processes are created, Dealer Synergy will automatically update your CRM with all of the latest cutting-edge action plans, content, processes and strategies, at no additional cost to you.

Dealer Synergy Academy

Academy Classes

One of the newest additions to our monthly support and accountability program are our Dealer Synergy Academy classes. Like a gym, you can workout alone (Bradley On Demand) with a personal trainer (Phone Training Sessions), or in a group class setting with a fitness instructor (DS Academy Classes). These classes have added a whole new layer to conveying our curriculum and provide a diverse delivery method. They were created with the vision to bring automotive professionals together,from around the globe, in a collaborative and university style learning environment, based on a specific learning topic. This gives students the ability to network with and learn from others in their same, or similar position, like a 20 group. We cover topics such as: New Hire Training, Phone Process Training, 3 Minute Book Training, T.O. Process Training, Escalating Written Communication to A Phone Call, What Ifs Scenarios, The 8 Ways To Sell, CRM Philosophies, Tactics and Strategies, Video Communication, Voicemail Secrets, How To Increase Appointment Shows, Branding and Marketing, Time Maximization, Mindset, Leadership and so much more! Each month new classes are added and/or swapped based on commonly seen deficiencies and challenges.

Dealer Synergy Kahoots!

Kahoot Quizzes

Creating different learning environments is imperative to the success of any training program. Doing so increases and maintains engagement, prevents bordism, serves the various types of learners (visual, auditory, kinesthetic and reading/writing) and increases the probability of retention of the curriculum. Based on that knowledge, Dealer Synergy has added yet another form of learning via a game-based learning platform, called Kahoots! Dealer Synergy Kahoots! training and education through a competitive and fun-filled session where you will compete against other automotive professionals in a quiz-style battle, testing your knowledge of the following: Dealer Synergy Award-Winning tactics, processes and philosophies, CRM philosophies, processes and strategies, Scorecard format, metrics, philosophies, strategy, what-ifs and more! These Kahoots! are held 1 time per week and the overall monthly winner receives a cash prize from not the dealership, but Dealer Synergy! Do you have what it takes to be the Kahoots! champion?

Accountability Audit

Weekly Accountability Audit & Meeting

A dealership can receive the greatest training, education, advice, recommendations and roadmap in the world, but without execution, it all becomes just words and wishes. It is through action that goals become a reality. Upon signing up for our program, Dealer Synergy will work with your organization to determine  the most convenient standing appointment, held via video conference with management, each week. That means you can count on consistent support and accountability to drive better results, faster. This consistency and accountability ensures everyone is committed to the program and is on the same page regarding performance, mission, vision and goals. As time maximization experts, each meeting  is driven by a clearly defined agenda, based on real data collected and provided  in the form of a written audit. The results of the Accountability Audit, performed by our Client Success team,  will be discussed in significant detail, where specific and attainable action items will be identified and assigned to the responsible members of the dealership. The audit will cover scorecard usage and metrics, CRM usage, Bradley on Demand course progression & training and review of call monitoring results, with time allotted to address victories, challenges, questions and concerns.

Time Maximization

Time Maximizations Strategies

Time is our most precious commodity, period. There are only 86,400 seconds in a day. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Your results are a direct reflection of how you spend your time. Most people walk around the dealership working by default, allowing the day to take them wherever it wants, driven by the urgent and unimportant, leaving them stressed out and unaccomplished. Effective and highly productive individuals work each day by strategic design, based on mission-driven goals, tasks and activities focused on the important, rather than the urgent. Karen Bradley is the automotive industry leader in time management and organization and is the inventor of her own time maximization system called the KB Method. Via Bradley On Demand, the Dealer Synergy Academy classes,  as well as personal Zoom meetings, you have the ability to learn these highly effective strategies and have the resource to create your own time maximization road map, the key to achieving your highest priorities first, leaving the dealership each day feeling accomplished, productive and happy. Additionally, these strategies will teach you how to filter tasks and activities throughout the day both professionally and personally, helping you to achieve more in less time so that you can create a healthy sense of work-life balance.

Dealership Google Classroom

Google Classrooms

Dealer Synergy is always looking for the most advanced and cutting edge methods to deliver its powerful training curriculum. With that in mind, we are the only training firm in the entire automotive industry that leverages the power of a trillion dollar company for its progressive technology, Google and Google Classroom. Google Classroom is an interactive, e-learning and accountability tool that is used and held in high regard in the educational community everywhere. It is an excellent tool to streamline the learning process between teacher and student. This is the same technology used to teach brain surgeons and astronauts! Dealer Synergy has taken its full program and designed classes, courses and assignments coinciding with its program to deliver lessons and materials in a very easy and convenient fashion, along with the ability to track course progression and retention of the curriculum via graded assignments, quizzes and video proof submissions.This tool is amazing for accountability because instead of us “assuming” the students are carrying out the verbally assigned assignments, Dealer Synergy, along with the dealership management team can log into their Dealership Google Classroom anytime, anywhere and see what has been done and what has not. This way, there can be a direct correlation established between education, performance and results. Lastly, the Dealership Google Classroom keeps the program goals moving with its ability to assign due dates to tasks and assignments, rather than leaving it to the student to decide.

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What We Offer

Performance Accountability

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Call Monitoring
  • Scorecards
  • Goals and Projections
  • Weekly Zoom Audits

CRM Accountability

  • CRM Setup 
  • CRM Performance Audit
  • Lost Opportunities Audit
  • CRM Support
  • CRM Liaison

Marketing Accountability

  • Digital Marketing ROI
  • Traditional Marketing ROI
  • Website Audit
  • Lead Generation ROI
  • Vendor Partner Analysis

Training Accountability

  • Bradley On Demand
  • Phone Coaching
  • Google Classrooms
  • Academy Classes
  • Kahoots!

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