Shakespeare said “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. Are you surrounded by the best? There is nothing more powerful than collaboration and synergy, which is why we have created both the #1 automotive social group in the industry. Dealer Synergy’s President, Sean V. Bradley, CSP, has spoken to over 300 NADA and NCM 20 groups. It is with that experience and influence that the idea was born to create the first ever virtual dealer 20,000 group! Imagine syncing up with 20,000 Dealer Principals, General Managers, General Sales Managers, F & I Managers, BDC Managers, Internet Directors, Automotive Sales Professions and dealerships from all around the globe, both members of and not members of the Dealer Synergy program. Folks from different franchises, different Geo target locations, different countries, different backgrounds and experience levels, all coming together in a virtual space to synergistically collaborate to solve problems and evolve. Our community will give you direct access to some of the largest and greatest,  multi-billion dollar dealer groups and multi-millionaire salespeople in the world! In fact, we are honored to say we have the #1, #2 and #3 salespeople in the history of car sales as active participants on our platform. The best part is they love to give back to the automotive community by sharing their knowledge, tactics, learning moments, successes and experience. Dealer Synergy alone with get you next-level results, but to be able to learn from its network is truly priceless. 

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Millionaire Car Salesman Units

A large part of our mission at the Millionaire Car Salesman FB group,  is to create an environment in which automotive professionals can learn from one another. That is why we do not allow memes, talks of politics, or any other silly posts that are going to detract from our belief to educate, learn and evolve. With that mission in mind, the MCS FB group has developed learning segments, related to specific topics, called units, also known as social learning units. These units give us the ability to turn member posts into an organized online learning experience for all of our members to enjoy. Start exploring units for yourself today!

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Millionaire Car Salesman Mentorships

Whether you are looking to give back to the industry, by being  a mentor, or improving your skills and knowledge, by being a mentee, the MCS FB Group has the perfect mentorship program for you. As a mentor, you will have the ability to make a difference in the lives of other automotive professionals through your encouragement and personal/professional development, by helping others to identify and achieve their goals, and determine and correct the gaps between skills and knowledge . As a mentee you will be able to link up with someone that can help you gain skills and knowledge, become more confident and make more money.

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