"If you aren't in a constant state of evolution, you are in a constant state of digression."

- Sean V. Bradley, CSP

Enjoy these Free, No Strings-Attached Resources on Us!

Free Mystery Shop

Ever wonder what your people sound like on the phone, through email, through chat, through text, or through social media? How is their tone? Are they following process? Are they saying the right things? Find out now with a free mystery shop of your choice.

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Free Strategy Session

Are you looking for a full assessment of a particular part of your dealership business? Arrange a free strategy session with a Dealer Synergy representative to identify, assess and discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of your dealership operations.

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Free CRM Audit

90% of all dealership CRMs are either broken, missing content, not setup properly, outdated, misused, or all of the above. Sign up for a free CRM audit, today, where a Dealer Synergy Certified CRM Specialist will take a deep dive into your specific tool and discover where your dealership falls.

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Free SEO/SEM Audit

Only 5 percent of people go past the first page of Google. Therefore, it is imperative to have page 1 dominance. Most dealerships use SEM as a crutch.  Ever wonder how your dealership website ranks in search? How about the impact of your SEM campaigns? Are you cannibalizing your own opportunities and driving up your own spend? Schedule a free SEO/SEM audit and find out if you are winning the game of googleopoly!

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Free Social Audit

Do you view social media as a time-waster for your team, or as a real means to sell cars? Are your social profiles setup properly? Are you posting regularly with content relevant to your business and for your audience? Schedule your free Social Media audit, today, and let us help you determine if your social media strategy is actually helping you sell more cars.

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Free Vendor Partner Audit

Do your vendor partners align with your mission, vision, values and goals? Are you seeing the return on your investment? Sign up for a free vendor partner audit, today, and we will help you assess which services, tools and technology are contributing to your success and which are failing you.

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Free Marketing/ROI Audit

The average dealership spends about $64,000 a month in advertising. Are you investing in newspapers, radio and TV, or are you digitally focused? Do you have the proper mix for your situation, along with the appropriate branding and messaging? Sign up today for a free marketing/ROI audit and see which marketing strategies are actually working.

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