The History of the Grant Cardone and Sean V. Bradley, CSP Relationship

Sean V. Bradley has known Grant Cardone for over 10 years and before he ever met him, Sean trained on his Cardone Selling System and ePencil. During that time, Sean was a front line Automotive Sales Professional that averaged 30+ units on the Showroom Sales Floor. Over the years, Sean has communicated with Grant and crossed paths plenty of times at different NADA conferences or when we both had the same speaking engagements for the various state automobile dealer associations. 

Grant has always been inspiring and has provided great advice to Sean throughout the years. Sean remembers Grant telling him at one certain NADA conference many years ago that becoming an Author was one of the absolute best things he could have ever done in his life professionally. He was already successful, he was already a Muli-Millionaire, but when he became an Author, the world around him looked at him differently and when that book he wrote became a New York Times Best Seller, that changed his life and created opportunity on a whole new level. 

Grant discussed with Sean that because of this the rest of his life he will always be a “New York Times Best Selling Author”. That stuck with Sean and that is what inspired him to become an Author himself and ultimately becoming the “Best Selling Author” of “Win the Game of Googleopoly”.

For the last 4 years Grant and Sean have discussed the growth of Dealer Synergy/Bradley on Demand and due to his knowledge and expertise Sean, became a content partner for Grant’s –  Cardone on Demand Virtual Training Platform in addition in 2018 at NADA in Las Vegas Sean & Grant made the partnership official.





The Dealer Synergy/Bradley On Demand Training Curriculum is in approximately 1,000 Unique Automotive Rooftops on Grant Cardone’s Cardone On Demand Virtual Training Platform.

What people do not realize is that the Dealer Synergy curriculum within Cardone on Demand is only a small sliver of the company’s full curriculum. 

The full Bradley on Demand Interactive Virtual Training System has over 6,000+ Interactive Video Training Modules vs the 200 Video Modules we have on the Cardone On Demand Platform. 

We here at Dealer Synergy are honored that Grant Cardone and his Cardone Automotive Resources has chosen us as a Content Provider specifically for:

  • Automated Internet Sales
  • Business Development (BDC)
  • Phone Sales
  • CRM

Currently, there are 6,000+ Bradley On Demand Modules NOT on Cardone On Demand. So, if you are a Cardone On Demand, Grant Cardone client and/or fan and you want to upgrade your Dealer Synergy/Bradley On Demand/Sean V. Bradley,CSP experience let us know and we have Special VIP Pricing for all of Grant’s Clients and Network.

If You are a Cardone On Demand Client and Would like to Upgrade Your Dealer Synergy / Bradley On Demand Experience...

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Grant Cardone is a BEAST and could have chosen ANYONE to be a content partner for his Cardone On Demand, Automotive Sales Training Platform. You have to ask yourself “Why” did he choose Sean V. Bradley, Dealer Synergy/Bradley On Demand? Simply put, because after 17 years of experience and proven results, Dealer Synergy & Bradley On Demand is  the absolute best Training, Consulting, & Accountability Firm in the Automotive Industry! 

If you as a dealer are thinking “Should I have Grant Cardone’s program OR Sean V. Bradley/Dealer Synergy”? All of us here at Dealer Synergy will say that you can have and/or should have BOTH Systems! Think of UFC/MMA Fighters…Each fighter has multiple coaches, striking, wrestling & Jiu Jitsu trainers. From there each fighter will have personal trainers to focus on conditioning, nutrition, weight training etc. On top of them, each will have financial consultants and other professional advisors. 

The same concept applies to Sean V. Bradley and Grant Cardone. Grant and Sean have different experiences, different resources, different networks and you will do very good with either of them. But, if you utilize both resources you will do phenomenal. 

For example, one of our joint clients is Bob Ruth Ford in Dillsburg, PA. Together, we helped take that single auto dealership from 75 units per month online to over 317 units per month online. Results like that have never been done in the automotive Industry, especially during the worst pandemic in our country’s history. Bob Ruth Ford’s Internet Sales department in a town of approximately 2,800 people sold over 3 times what the average full blown dealership sells in 1 month after training on our platforms. 

In addition to having the Dealer Synergy/Bradley On Demand Training Content on Cardone On Demand, the Cardone Automotive Resources department (Grant’s Automotive Sales Division) has worked synergistically together on some mutual clients with amazing results. Sean V. Bradley, CSP was invited to be a Featured Guest Speaker this year at Cardone Headquarters in Miami, Florida in which Sean trained everyone in attendance on Automotive Internet Sales, BDC and CRM. It was an amazing experience working with the Cardone Automotive Resources Team and our Dealer Synergy Team truly is excited as our clients are to see what the future has in store for these two great companies and the alliance they have formed together.





"We decided the Internet was not going away... it just made sense that this was the place where we could jump off, together with Dealer Synergy... so that YOU, the dealer could benefit."

— Grant Cardone

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