"Begin with the End Result in Mind."

 Dr. Stephen R. Covey

Our Process

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there! You should never run a business blindly, with no end in mind,  hoping to meet sales goals and projections. While hope can be helpful, it isn’t a strategy. Knowingly, the very first thing we do with any prospective or new client is perform a no-cost, 1-hour consultation that includes a deep analysis of a store, or department.

Our proven method is centered around our award-winning 4P philosophy that a department, or dealership is made or broken, maximized or underutilized in 4 key areas, your products, your people, your processes and your promotions. It is with this philosophy in mind that an assessment is performed. Beginning this way allows us to clearly pinpoint what is working well and what can be improved upon. At this point, we will create a SWOT analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats assessment. Armed with all this information, we collaborate with store management to develop a customized action plan, your roadmap for success. See how it all works below:

1. Contact

Contact Dealer Synergy to schedule your initial discovery call. Call, email, text, whichever is easiest for you!

2. Conduct Needs Assessment

Dealer Synergy will communicate with you and have a conversation around where you are now and where you want to go.

3. Create 4P SWOT Analysis

Dealer Synergy will accumulate data and information, based on the 4P‘s, that will give us a snapshot of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

4. Understanding Your Goals

With your needs assessment and SWOT snapshot in hand, we dig deep to assess your desired goals.

5. Reverse Engineering

We begin with your end in mind and reverse engineer the numbers, in order to create a custom action plan, based on all the data and assessments we have performed, combined with your specific goals.

6. Our Involvement

Now that we have understood your current situation, along with your goals, and you have understood our assessment, along with our recommendations, we work with you synergistically to decide on the exact scope of work, from minimal to all-out maximum, along with expectations and timelines, all designed with your success in mind.

7. You Will Sell More Cars, More Often, More Profitably

The most important step of all, execution! When the action plan is indeed put into action, your current pain points will diminish and you will sell more cars, more often, more profitably!

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Other Ways Dealer Synergy Consults:

Every dealership is entitled to a no-cost, obligation-free discovery call, regardless of whether or not the dealership decides to pursue a partnership. However, Dealer Synergy does indeed offer a la carte consulting services, delivered on a much more granular level, for those dealerships looking to spot-check their dealership operations, have an expert identify challenges and weaknesses, and/or gain an executable action plan, without the more intense commitment. Below you will find some of our dealership consulting services:

Full Mystery Shop

Measure the quality of messaging that is coming from your store through all channels that you wish to evaluate: phone calls, voice mail, email, chat, text, social media, video. By mirroring the behavior and activities of customers, we will evaluate the consistency and quality of your messaging, your processes, and the customer experience from your sales staff, BDC/Internet teams and service. This also measures your competitive reputation in the marketplace.

SWOT Analysis

What is a SWOT Assessment?

We accumulate data based on our professional assessment of your dealership, its people, its marketing and promotions, and its operations, and conduct an analysis of their respective  strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats. Once completed, we will review the SWOT assessment with you and your executive management team and provide consultative feedback with an advised plan of action to elevate your dealership to the next level.

CRM Audit

Conducting a full audit and analysis of your CRM is a vital part of a dealer’s success. You pay a lot of money for these powerful systems, but most dealers are not using them to their fullest potential. We will identify the pitfalls and the misses and develop an action plan specific to your store that can include templates and scripts for email, text, voicemail, video and social media. The Audit will also look at the integration with other in-house programs, automation within the CRM, training and utilization.

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Marketing/Advertising Audit

During this audit, one of our marketing experts will conduct a full analysis of both your digital and traditional marketing and advertising efforts including: your website, your social media, your 3rd party lead sources, your SEM campaigns, your YouTube channel, your radio campaigns, your newspaper or mailer campaigns, and whichever other marketing and advertising sources your dealership participates in. The audit will offer complete direction on which sources are succeeding and which are failing.

HR / Employee Audit

This analysis will look at all aspects of your staffing and recruitment procedures including: current staff, positions, recruitment strategies, onboarding and training, job descriptions and expectations, appropriate staffing levels, scheduling and more. A Dealer Synergy Certified HR Specialist will identify the dealership’s business goals and objectives and analyze if the current HR infrastructure, strategies, and procedures are conducive to perpetuating those goals and objectives.

Vendor Partner Audit

Your relationships with your vendors are a key piece to your success. We will evaluate the outside companies that you contract with, evaluate the work they are doing on your behalf, perform a vendor ROI assessment, and based on those results, make recommendations to ensure that you are not only getting all that you are entitled to in that relationship but that the relationship is healthy and value driven.

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