Over the past 70 years in the automotive Industry many changes have been made, our vehicles have become smarter, safer, more fuel efficient, more economical to operate and so on. One operation in the industry that has remained a constant though is the massive amount of money that dealers spend daily, weekly, monthly, and annually on marketing & advertising. 

Some dealerships continue to renew the same process over and over although the vehicles that we are advertising are flying right past us. Most of this is because of resilience of change within the dealer personnel and their unwillingness to accept that change. It actually scares some of them. 

We here at Dealer Synergy are here to help make that change and put your minds at ease. Let’s face it, there is so much change in marketing and advertising. It’s a very scary slope wondering if (in some cases) if the exuberant amount of money is even worth it or if there is truly a ROI to your investment.

Dealer Synergy is here to help navigate dealers through the ever-changing Marketing & Advertising landscape.

In this section, we will walk through this together and please click the link below to have us start to help you audit your marketing & advertising to ensure its effectiveness today.

Sean & Jason Credibility Section

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings, add animations, add shape dividers, increase engagement with call to action and more. Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings, add animations, add shape dividers, increase engagement with call to action and more.

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Digital is by far the newest and most adaptive form of advertising that is currently utilized today, even being approximately 10 years old. OEM’s have finally embraced it, now requiring percentages of total ad dollar spends to include a multitude of different forms of digital advertising. Below you will find some examples of what Dealer Synergy can help you with and review.

  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Retargeting
  • Conquest
  • Geo-Fence
  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business
  • Etc.


Traditional advertising in many stores still the “norm” of what we as an industry are spending our ad dollars on and our Dealer Principals and managers understand the best. Although the dynamic of some of these forms of advertising have changed, it’s up to you now to find a way to enhance your traditional advertising spends and change them to actually start to work for you.

  • Radio
  • Television
  • OTT / On-Demand / Digital TV
  • Print - Newspaper
  • Print - Classified


5 years ago, if someone said the phrase to you as a dealer “How much do you spend on Facebook advertising?” you probably would have laughed at the person and walked out of the meeting. In today’s marketplace, social media and social advertising is key to reaching your customers directly, quickly and efficiently. We here at Dealer Synergy can look at what you have done, currently what you are doing and help you plan for your future and also show you the success of the many different platforms of choice by dealers nationwide.

  • Organic Facebook
  • Facebook Setup & Organization
  • OEM Organic Facebook
  • Facebook “Like” campaigns
  • Social Graphics
  • Paid Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Twitter
  • Organic Instagram
  • Organic Instagram Stories
  • Paid Instagram Posts

Overall Brand Assessment

If someone were to ask you today the question as the owner/dealer principal of ABC Motors or “What is your brand strategy?” or “What is the best representation of your brand?” Can you answer that question?  Better yet, what would your answer be if someone asked you, “What does your dealership or brand stand for?”  For many years, the automotive industry has relied on simple price/payment forms of advertising that many dealers either didn’t know the answers to those questions or for all intents and purposes truly didn’t care. In today’s marketplace, your overall brand strategy is crucial to the belief, understanding and decision making of your customer base than ever before. Dealer Synergy can help you create and maintain your overall brand, show you how to effectively manage it with integrity and simply show you and train your staff how to always defend it and keep you as a dealer relevant.

  • Use
  • Integrity
  • Content Marketing
  • Multi-Channel Content Creation

Reputation Management Audit & Recommendations

Your dealership’s reputation both online and verbally can make or break a customer’s decision regarding your store so fast you wouldn’t even know it.  How do you as Dealer Principals &  Managers keep all of this information as positive as possible? In today’s day and age, there are literally thousands of review sites and each one of them has their own process and their own set of features & benefits to each use.  Dealer Synergy can help manage all of this!  We can help you keep the integrity of your reputation and show you how to manage it effectively. Dealer Synergy can show you where you need and can use improvement and also show you how to maintain a truly excellence experience for every customer that comes across your threshold

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Dealer Rater
  • Yahoo Local
  • Bing
  • Foursquare
  • Yellow Pages
  • 3rd Party Sites (Edmunds, Cars.com, etc.)
  • OEM Mandates and Platform

Website Audit (Mobile & Desktop)

As auto dealers across the past 10 years we’ve seen that our showrooms are not what they once were. Our showrooms are now virtual experiences and we as dealers need to ensure that our customers are receiving the best experience online as they would in our actual brick and motor showrooms. One concern that most dealerships have with this model is finding out what features and what benefits truly make up the look and feel of the very best websites. Many times, as auto dealers we find ourselves just making adjustments to our websites and adding costly enhancements to them simply because our OEM’s want their products and services to outshine your internal products and services at the store level. Many dealers I find truly think that the websites are managed solely for this purpose. OEM’s are notorious for holding those proverbial Co-op dollars over dealers’ heads to get their point across and dealers don’t have the staff or experience to actually design and cost-effectively create those needs in the time that is required of them. We here at Dealer Synergy have developed a full encompassing audit with many of the OEM’s standards in mind, exactly showing you how to get ahead of the curve and stay on top of everyone’s graces while exceeding expectations in your marketplace.

  • Customer Experience 
  • Speed Index
  • Inventory (New & Used)
  • Service Landing Pages
  • Digital Retailing
  • Service Content
  • F&I Menu
  • Sales & Service, Rebates, Discounts
  • General Content
  • Why Buy Here?
  • Search Engine Results Page
  • Staff Pages - (What to include?)
  • Community Involvement

Vendor Partner Audit

Do you know with 100% certainty what you are paying, what services you are receiving, what services you may be duplicating and what you are spending is the most cost effective plan, with the right vendors, the right pricing in your current state? During Covid-19. Were you able to see the cost saving measures that each of these providers gave to you and your store? Were the results worth it? Here at Dealer Synergy, we can completely analyze all of your 3rd party integrations and providers, see what’s working, what’s not working and help YOU make those adjustments as needed. We can show you through experience, the many relationships we have and show you how to capitalize on them as well.

  • 3rd Party Advertising Sources Audit
  • 3rd Party Lead Sources Audit
  • Website Widget Integration Audit
    • Chat
    • Text
    • Facebook Messenger

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