Sean V. Bradley, CSP and Jason Caliri have a combined 50+ years of marketing and advertising experience at the highest levels in the world. 

Sean is the International Best-Selling Author of “Win The Game of Googleopoly”, a book literally about Google and how to achieve page one dominance. Sean is the ONLY Automotive Sales Trainer & Consultant that has a Digital Marketing Book Published by a Book Publishing Company. Sean is signed to the #1 Business Book Publishing Company in the United States, Wiley

Sean has both experience and credibility on a global level for his Digital Marketing Expertise. Sean’s Googleopoly Book isn’t just for car dealerships, it is for the World and ALL verticals. Sean has helped over 3,000 unique roof-tops and over 100,000 Automotive Sales Professionals, Managers and Dealer Principals sell more cars, more often and more profitably, in excess of over $1 billion in additional revenue. 

In addition to car dealerships and automotive sales professionals, Sean has worked with major label recording artists, reality TV stars, Grammy Nominated Recording Artists, Platinum Recording Artists, as well as professional athletes from the NFL and UFC. 

Jason Caliri has spent the last 30+ years as an advanced marketer. He has over 15+ years in Corporate Broadcast Radio with experience serving clients and coming up with tactical solutions for many different verticals including For-Profit Private Business, External Non-Traditional Revenue Events and many Non-Profit Charitable Events. He is fully fluent in Experiential Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Event Marketing, Traditional Marketing and Budgeting. In addition to his Traditional Radio & Media Background, Jason’s Event creation and execution has generated attendance over the years up to 250,000 people.    

Jason, with 10+ years working as the Director of Marketing for a 11 roof-top dealer group, with gross sales in the $300-$400,000,000 range, has multiple years experience with many OEM programs, including Advertising Compliance, Brand Compliance & OEM Co-op programs and guidelines. With having 11 different stores and 9 different brands under his supervision, he is also experienced with many vendors and many different budget levels monthly, quarterly, and annually and was associated with an $4M budget annually within that organization. He also sat on numerous boards for OEM’s and is currently a member of the American Marketing Association and the Public Relations Society of America.

Dealership Advertising Success can be Measured more than Ever Now in Today's Environment

Dealer Synergy’s proven “4 P” philosophy method is actually very similar to the 4 Ps of marketing – Product, Price, Place & Promotion. This concept, better known as “Marketing Mix”, dates back to 1960, when E. Jerome McCarthy introduced the concept in his book, Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach. It sounds simple as it is stated and it is truly as easy as it sounds. The basic idea for the theory is that if you implement each part of the mix, you will generate more sales. 

How does that work in a dealership setting?

Much like everything else, without training, you will have difficulties in being able to apply these marketing strategies in your dealership. Additionally, who actually has time to learn everything and to become an expert on all of it while selling cars? If you are a smaller dealer/ independent, or a small dealer group, you may be lucky enough to have an agency, or have hired a marketing person at your store that you can work with and through, but if you don’t know what you don’t know, how do you know if that person truly knows what they are doing? Is that person actually going to look out for “your” best interest, or will they be looking out for theirs? That’s the $20,000 question.

We here at Dealer Synergy understand how complicated all of this could get for most of you. Under stability, dealers spend more annually on marketing & advertising than the actual costs of their building and real estate that the dealership sits on.  For you to spend that type of money and to not know exactly where your opportunities are coming from is a very dangerous and upsetting course of business for your dealership. 

Let Dealer Synergy take the worry out of your mind and let us help you set yourself up for success and show you the correct ways to market and advertise through our proven tactics. Dealer Synergy wants to ensure that dealers have the absolute highest quality opportunities at the absolute lowest cost for maximum return on investment (ROI). We all agree, time is money

We want to ensure that dealers spend their time working on the highest quality traffic that has the highest probability of engagement and conversion. We are cognizant of cost per lead, cost per appointment show, and of course cost per sale. NADA says that dealerships’ average cost per sale in advertising is OVER $640 per car sold! Dealer Synergy believes that number should be less than $200 per car sold in advertising!

How does Dealer Synergy help Your Marketing & Advertising through Training & Consulting?

- Training -

On-Site Training

Our Representatives will travel to your store, engage with your staff, find out what is working and what is not, meet with current vendors and present our in depth recommendations back to you, based on our findings. Then once this is completed, we will help you make the necessary changes discovered and needed for you to achieve success.

Virtual Training

Our Bradley on Demand software is designed to educate you on all the newest aspects of marketing & advertising. With your team being able to take the courses at “their” own pace, it allows you to still focus on that customer in your showroom already. Being virtual, we have the ability to customize the learning to what you specifically need help with. 

Zoom Video Training

Nothing has developed more than Zoom or Video conferencing in 2020. Here at Dealer Synergy, the pandemic also put our business into opportunities that we didn’t know existed, or had the experience in exploring. With Zoom, we are able to take a look into your overall plans, examine, discuss, create and present our recommendations including the ability to stay on top of new OEM requirements that we all know presented itself during this pandemic & that we all experienced this year. 

- Consulting -

We Provide FULL Marketing & Advertising Training to 3 Separate Dealership Levels

Overall Dealership Management Level

Our experts sit down, explore the history, collaborate with your stores management team and once that is completed: design a more robust, enhanced campaign with direct metrics for implementation and tracking. Once that is completed, we help you enact these plans and track the success alongside you and your team.

For the Marketing/Internet Department

We sit down, research and explore all ways and conduits that customers are reaching your store. Find out what is working and what isn’t, eliminate the waste, while still keeping the integrity of your overall message and brand. Once that is completed, we train the department along with creating and implementing strategies that you as the Dealer Principal/General Manager can track and analyze the ROI for that campaign.

For the Individual Dealership Employee

We discuss and meet with your direct employees assisting them to “create” their overall brand and teach them how to maximize their success by investing in themselves along with the dealership. We have the ability to help them meet with personalized vendors & solutions that we have invested a lot of time and money into ensuring that our partners for success are aligned with the dealerships strategy/campaigns and to help everyone make more money.

Creating Audits for Each Strategy in the Dealership Overall Marketing

Overall Brand Audit

Ensuring that your Brand and your name/reputation are always held with the highest regard. Showing you and your team where you can improve and also teaching you how to execute & maintain that integrity.

Advertising Audit

Deeper examination of your Traditional, Digital, Social advertising elements. Showing you how to maximize your overall budget & spends. Plus, showing you where the most waste is and how to reduce it through cost effective solutions.

Becoming a Liaison between Vendor Partners

Examining where the dealership is currently scoring and educating your team on how to not only see if the vendors you are utilizing are the best decision for your business, but also capitalizing on the opportunity for the vendor to train and fully share with your team best practices that we have seen from other dealerships and vendors in similar markets that are successful. Passing that information along is crucial to overcoming the competing dealer in your DMA/PMA.

Accessing & Finding the "Right" Vendors and Partners

Sometimes not having the right vendor in place is the issue. Dealer Synergy being in business for 16+ years has met and examined many automotive vendors. We have experience in “Cutting through the garbage” and seeing what is actually of value to the dealer vs. what is actually “fluff” to make their product seem valued or successful. We can help you examine your dealership’s full potential on these platforms and with these “partners”, score them and finally provide you with the data or “truth” behind their proposals.

Assisting Setting Up their Lead Source Providers Radius

Overall, we have found that dealers in general don’t even know that this can be adjusted and maximized for the best results for success. Our personnel will examine and train your staff on what to look for, how to measure & read the results and adjust the radius to maximize their opportunities within them and your dealership’s PMA/DMA.

Assisting Dealers Set up their Marketing / Advertising Strategies with Competitive Analysis & Conquest Strategies

Once we learn your overall strategy and plan, Dealer Synergy will examine everything including investigating what your competitors are doing and finding success in and tailor an overall strategy to retake & maintain that competitive edge against them. Once the plan is executed, our team will assist you in continuously adjusting that strategy for your store’s overall success. In addition, your involvement as the dealer is crucial, nobody knows your competitors and your DMA/PMA better than you.

Dealers Utilizing Dealer Synergy’s Graphic Designer

Dealer Synergy has one of the greatest design teams in the Automotive Industry today. Our creative team is truly an asset to your organization if you would need it. Fully-trained on OEM compliance and able to submit graphic and brand information to the OEM’s on your behalf for compliance is another way you can maximize your time focusing on sales with customers on the showroom floor.

Dealer Synergy is the ONLY Training, Consulting and Accountability Firm in the Automotive Industry with its own proprietary video production team. Our suite of animators, editors, videographers can truly take your dealership to the next level. Our team can enhance your overall brand, but also if needed to completely redesign, launch your new message through video and completely optimize that video to give your store the competitive edge over others in the marketplace.

Protect and Assist Our Clients Against Parasitic Vendors

For many years, Dealer Synergy has seen vendors take advantage of our mutual dealer clients. This is not fair! Here at Dealer Synergy we have experienced this first hand, over the past 16+ years, and are fed up with this practice. We are making it our mission to help those dealers in need against the vendors that are participating in this practice and will fight for those dealers and with those dealers & their rights, standing next to them instead of hiding behind them.

Provide Deep Discounts and Free Products & Services from our Network of Marketing and Advertising Resources

With our strategic position in the Automotive Industry, Dealer Synergy has many opportunities that some companies simply do not get afforded to them due to our companies reputation. Rather than just taking advantage and keeping these resources to ourselves, we here at Dealer Synergy actually pass those resources to you directly. Some examples of this are: The Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast where our team weekly interviews prominent leaders in the Automotive Industry, The Millionaire Car Salesman Private Facebook Group with over 17,000 Automotive Professionals whose sole purpose is to collaborate with other successful Automotive Professionals in a Mastermind Setting, Free Strategy Sessions, Free Audits & more.

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