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Reality Check

The Automotive Sales Industry has the most incredible opportunity to make as much money as you can earn! The problem is that we are inundated with complacency and mediocrity. There is a reason why there are Automotive Sales Professionals that consistently deliver 25, 35 and even 45 + units per month but the national average is ONLY 9.6 units! Most Dealerships and Individuals do NOT have a plan for effectiveness, success and consistency.

Your People Are Your Most Valuable Asset

Unfortunately too many dealerships view their people as an expense or a liability. Most dealerships won’t admit this but its true. That is why they invest more in advertising, marketing or in gimmicks than in proper recruitment, staffing, training, mentoring, development and support of their people. Dealers need to realize that the ONLY thing that separates them from their competition is their people. It is our opinion that the people within any organization is by far the most important asset.

Why Training?

The average Dealership spends over $60,000 per year or $6,000 per month per sales person in Advertising and Marketing. It makes no sense to spend so much money in marketing, advertising and branding and then when the prospect gets to the dealership or to the BDC, your staff is NOT equipped on handling them in a professional way and know how to exceed their expectations, and sell them a vehicle. Or if they sell a car, they are not equipped in developing a relationship, generate referrals, drive them to your service department or get them to continue to buy vehicles from our dealership.

Begin with the End Result in Mind

Stop “winging” it! Stop reacting to the situation in your dealership. Stop reacting to the leads that you have. Instead of a “shotgun” approach, there is a better approach with clinical precision like a “Sniper” you can create the ultimate strategy for your organization. Simply begin with the end result in mind… An Internet Department / BDC, Showroom or the dealership itself is made or broken, maximized or underutilized in 4 key areas… Products, People, Process and Promotions. We at Dealer Synergy are experts in all “4 Ps”. We specialize in helping Dealerships with the Holistic approach, not just one or two pieces of the puzzle.

Dealer Synergy Is a very unique company

Dealer Synergy is a 9 Time Dealers’ Choice Award Winner for being the “Best of The Best” Internet Sales Training Company, including 2017!

We have officially MORE Internet Sales / BDC Successes than any other company in the Automotive Sales Industry. Dealer Synergy has been dedicated to helping car dealerships and automotive sales professionals sell more cars, more often and more profitably for 14 years! We have trained 35,000+ Automotive Sales Professionals, 1,300+ unique roof tops. We have helped our clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars in additional revenue! Bottom line is we get results.

The secret to our success is simple… It is our people! Our team is made up of hardcore Automotive Sales Professionals with frontline experience in dealerships. Our Founder and President, Sean V. Bradley has over 19+ years Automotive Sales experience, Starting on the showroom floor. Sean averaged 30+ units per month and then went on to hold positions in Sales Management, Special Finance and Internet / BDC Director. Additionally, our management team consist of Car Pros that were former General Sales Managers, Special Finance Directors and Internet Sales Managers. We bleed (orange) gasoline! But what makes us truly unique is that in addition to our Automotive Sales Experience we have a tremendous amount of Video Production and Digital Marketing Experience on our Staff. On our creative side we have a team of ALL College Graduates (some with masters degrees).

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