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Work Schedule Creation

Employee scheduling is an important concern for every manager. Often times, managers feel the pressure mounting when there is a lack of an effective scheduling process. Employee morale is severely undermined when they do not have a schedule that serves their skills and needs. The person in charge of scheduling is often tasked with dealing an array of timetables, schedules, availability calendars, and employee requests which must also be managed. Ultimately a well-managed schedule keeps the organization moving and resolves many complex situations.

Dealer Synergy makes this process a bit less perplexing by evaluating and executing a plan based on the following:

  • Know your team
  • Create a staff availability process
  • Make the schedule easily accessible
  • Plan for the worst
  • Schedule the right person for the job

  • It is important to note, Dealer Synergy encourages its clients to view work stations in the same capacity as service bays. In the absence of QUALIFIED technicians productivity takes a major hit. Consider your schedule one indicator to the overall ROI portfolio of your dealership.