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Vendor Partnerships

Considering increased competition and tightening cost structures, dealerships must seek to more effectively utilize key personnel resources and expertise, while leveraging outside services that can provide added value through increased quality, lower costs, improved customer service, or implementation of best practices. Vendors make up a significant component of the dealership's success. One of the MOST critical elements is continuous effective management of dealership’s vendor relationships. Dealer Synergy takes the time to assess the vendors you are currently utilizing for their return - cost resulting in a strong ROI analysis.

Dealer Synergy will guide you through the vendor shaping process by:

  • Develop a relationship management via a contract management system with your vendors.
  • Understand and articulate the differences between the goals and objectives of the dealership and those of the vendor.
  • Create balanced process performance metrics.
  • Recognize and capitalize on the the differences between the organization and the vendor.
  • Evaluate and implement options for oversight structure.
  • Improve vendor selection, contract development, and negotiation processes.