Social Media and the Automotive Industry

Social media has become a HUGE part of a lot of people’s daily lives. Often it is used to share events going on in one’s personal life, but it is also used for businesses as well. Most recently it has been a very effective tool for the automotive industry. Dealerships are slowly but surely beginning to realize the value in social media. It is becoming a huge source for leads and your first chance to interact with the customer. In fact, 38% of people will do research online prior to making their new car purchase. This is where platforms like Twitter and Facebook come in. It is the job of the dealership to engage these potential customers. Social media is a great place for you to display:
  • Valid service coupons
  • New or used car promotions
  • User Generated Content
  • Hot or relevant topics in the area (lottery win, annual festivals etc)
  • Exciting news from your sales team (new hires, promotions, marriages etc)
This type of content provides people the opportunity to remember your dealership when it comes time to make that decision to buy a new car. People will remember interesting things you post about all sorts of topics, not just car-related content. Social media is the easiest tool to interact with potential customers. Big names like Kelley Blue Book have even invented their own system. “The Seller’s Toolkit offers the seller a direct link feature to be embedded for email, IM or Twitter, with a shortened URL that directs potential buyers to the Kelley Blue Book Pricing Report. Additionally, the Toolkit offers Quick Response (QR) bar codes for mobile tagging that contain all vehicle information.” You do not have to go that in depth, just starting with a few of the simple tips provided above are a great way to begin your social media interaction. The more information you provide, along with various ways of engagement, the greater social media becomes for your dealership. This is your tool to selling more cars. Each platform is different. To get you started, it is important to not focus on too many platforms at once. You don’t need to jump in and join every available social network just because they exist. Not every social network is going to work best for your dealership. One of the top networks you will want to start with is Facebook. Later you can build content for the social media platform by building a YouTube channel and utilizing other sites. Testimonials and other promotions are great for content. Basic Tips for Your Business on Facebook: Know what you want to accomplish before you start a page. Is it more cars you want to sell or do you want to share what a great location you’re at and how easily accessible you are? Make sure it a business page that you create, not a regular profile. This allows you to boost posts and have people like your page. Learn and properly understand Facebook ads. Do not post just to post. Make sure every post has value and is not always pitchy. Also, when posting pick a target audience based on location and people’s interests. For instance you don’t want to target people looking for dogs, if you are trying to sell a Chevrolet. That is just the beginning; there are so many social media sites out there. If you’re a newbie, Facebook will be best for you to start off with. Other popular networks include Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Vine. More exist and are being created regularly. There is information about all of them online and you can see what is best for you once you do your research! Also, you can outsource your social media. Dealer Synergy provides social media consultation and marketing for dealerships. Social media platforms are marking their territory in the marketing world. By using social media, you are communicating with other the way they want you to. Technology is a huge part of everyday life, and social media is a way to teach others about your product or service, gain traffic to your website, and more. Dealer Synergy can advise and direct your social media accounts, ensure you are posting a sufficient amount of times a day, featuring specials, exciting things happening at your dealership, and much more. If you are interested in having us help you create a successful social media marketing strategy contact us today!

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