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For those of you who are not familiar with the word ”automation”, it’s the act of setting something up to respond naturally to a matter change. So in the terms of social media, it would be the option of setting up content to be posted at the change of the clock. Give us a second… we’ll make more sense of it. The purpose of social media is still, and always will be, to engage with customers, but now there are options to have engaging content appear on your fans newsfeeds, all while you’re cooking dinner. Automation is a feature built into Facebook, but is lacking on most other social platforms. Fortunately websites like Hootsuite, SproutSocial, Fanpilot, and others exist to allow a streamline automation process. It is definitely a pro for businesses to be able to schedule when posts go out, especially when a business finds their “sweet spot.” Let’s check out the pros and cons of social media automation and then you can be the judge of whether this is good for your business or not. Social Media Automation Pros: You save A LOT of time. If you have multiple clients like we do here at Dealer Synergy, each client deserves the same amount of attention. Automation allows us to prepare each post ahead of time and give the proper amount of time of research to each client before scheduling a post in advance. And If you use a social media management app (like Hootsuite, SproutSocial, etc.) You do not have to log into each social network individually. Cons: There is no human touch, and managers that use automation have a higher chance of missing direct interactions and risk losing a customer. Sometimes scheduling too far in advance can cause you to miss things that are very relevant at a specific moment. In our opinion it should be a combination of both. What do you think? For more of the “Good, Bad and Ugly” you can check out more in the original article here.

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