Although email, text, video and social media DMs are great and effective forms of communication, the phones are the ultimate level of communication. Based on the Science of Communication, only 7% of what we say is fully conveyed via text, or the words we use. Only 38% of what we say can be fully conveyed through what is heard and 55% of what we say can be fully conveyed based on visual cues and body language. A car purchase is the 2nd largest item a person will buy in their lifetime, behind a home. Therefore, trying to sell someone through a text message or email is ludicrous, and if not done perfectly, can send the wrong message and lose you the sale. That means that not all forms of communication are created equal and that there should be an escalation process. The purpose of the email, text, chat, dm, etc. should be to sell the phone call, and the phone call should be used to sell the appointment, which sells the product presentation, demo drive and delivery. That being said, phone sales is everything! For that reason, it is crucial to have the absolute best phone sales strategies, scripting, rebuttals, appointment closing skills and more. It’s about what you say, how you say it, and when you say it. Below you will find an example of a typical phone call, versus what a phone call should sound like and can sound like with our help:

The Dealership Phone Systems are One of the MOST Important Tools Today

Most dealerships cannot quantify the amount of lost sales per month due to not having an Outbound phone call process, an Inbound phone call process and truly are not held accountable for the 1:1 interaction between the sales & Internet Departments. At Dealer Synergy, we teach you how to create a process for both Outbound and Inbound phone calls. Starting with the front desk receptionists and following all the way to sales, service, and internet departments, everyone will have a process that they will be held accountable for executing and ensuring that every opportunity is maximized.

No Outbound Phone Call Process

No Inbound Phone Call Process

No 1:1 Accountability Within the Sales & Internet Departments

Please Show Me How to Set-Up and Recover My Lost Sales Due to the Pandemic!

I need more Appointments!

Modern Text Messaging Solutions, if not Followed Properly, can Result in Serious Fines Up to Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars... Are You 100% Sure that None of Your Employees are Jeopardizing Your Business?

Dealerships today are considered the “Low Hanging” fruit of the legal system. , which means that due to the industry, Many companies and individuals operators do not follow state and federal rules and regulations guidelines for texting for certain systems that are currently in place. With them being the “Low Hanging” fruit, the governing departments are able to go out and find violations much faster and easier to generate revenue for themselves. One way this happens lately is by Dealerships not adhering to the Federal Communications Commission’s TCPA Guidelines on Texting or SMS messaging and can become a huge, costly, and expensive issue to fix. Fines can become out of control very easily and sometimes are in the range up to $1500 PER TEXT MESSAGE, Incoming and Outgoing! Dealer Synergy, will help and guide you to know what is legal in your state, what you are allowed and not allowed to do, and show you the technology that keeps you compliant and fine- FREE.

Not Adhering to the FCC TCPA Federal Guidelines

Ignoring the National "Do Not Call" Registry & Ignoring the Correct Process to Continue Customer Engagement

My Dealership Needs to Immediately Learn the DNC List and the Local Rules for Text Messaging

Tell Me How!

In Addition to the Texting & Phone Process Being Broken, Other Systems that are Jeopardizing Dealers can Include:

Call Aversion

Are your employees still avoiding the phones? How are you holding them accountable? How many sales per month are you “missing” or “losing” to your competitors? Dealer Synergy will help you set-up your process for your employees, train them on the proper way to retain those customers and keep them coming back year after year.

Objections & Rebuttals

How often do you train and retrain on the road to the sale? In today’s times, objections and rebuttals have become a complex map of word tracks. Dealer Synergy will train you the latest ways to overcome objections and have rebuttals starting with the basics and following through the latest methods with the digital age.

How to Sell More Appointments & More Units through Phone Sales

Is your dealership considered an Internet Dealership? How are you progressing through the recent changes in how business is done? Dealer Synergy can HELP! We have clients that we have personally helped set the new standard on Internet Sales during a pandemic!

My Sales & Service Representatives are Running Away from Opportunities

Help Me Get Them Back

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