If you aren’t investing in your people, you are failing the organization and your results. Let’s take sports teams for example. They don’t just run out into the community and start grabbing bodies to fill seats. They spend time and money recruiting the right people for the right positions. Additionally, once they retain the right talent, they invest in the absolute best trainers, equipment, and resources to help take their new recruits current skills to the next level, coupled with the right management to lead the team. The dealership should work out of the same paradigm. Recruiting candidates proactively and recruiting for the right positions and investing in the right training will reduce the cost of attrition, create a happy, effective, productive and successful environment, which all transfers to a great customer experience and consequently car sales. Below you will find the most common people challenges that exist in the automotive sales industry today, and if applicable to you and your dealership, how we can assist in solving the challenges:

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The Top 5 Challenges Plaguing Your People:

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1. A Reactive Recruiting Strategy

Unfortunately, most dealerships recruit only when they don’t have enough coverage. By doing that, they are put in a situation where they don’t have the appropriate time to recruit the absolute best people for the specific position. They are forced to settle, rather than elevate. It is imperative to always be recruiting, armed with the right information, such as an ideal candidate profile, qualifications, experience, personality, drive and mindset to position the dealership with the highest probability of human resource success and results.

If a reactive recruiting strategy is a challenge for you, Dealer Synergy can help:

  • Design a consistent recruiting strategy to attract top talent.
  • Design a calendar of events to ensure consistent recruiting.
  • Create ads that contain broad messaging for proactive recruiting.
  • Provide a streamline process to create a constant recruiting cycle.
  • Create social media campaigns that keep your recruiting pipeline filled.
  • Place the recruiting responsibility on us with our HR Recruiting Program.

2. High Employee Attrition

It’s no secret that the automotive industry has one of the highest turnover rates, in comparison to other verticals. This is for many reasons including recruiting the wrong person from the start, placing the new team member in the wrong position, a lack of an effective on-boarding strategy and training, company culture and a lack of results (not making the money they need to) to name a few. Employee retention can be drastically increased with the right culture, right pay plans, right resources, right tools, right training and right marketing to drive traffic.

If an employee attrition is a challenge for you, Dealer Synergy can help:

  • Design and place ads to find the right people.
  • Provide an onboarding syllabus and agenda.
  • Provide Showroom Sales, Internet Sales, Phone Sales, BDC Training.
  • Assess the dealership’s current tools and resources.
  • Teach your team how to sell more cars.
  • Provide processes to enhance company culture.

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3. Lack of a Strategic HR Strategy

Although people are a dealership’s greatest asset and differentiation, most dealerships have no real strategy on how to determine who to recruit, what positions to recruit for, and exactly how many people per position to recruit. Sometimes to limit or cut cost, dealerships will try to work with the number of staff they currently have and hope for the best results. They don’t realize that by having the right number of people, they will actually sell more cars. If a dealership has a large volume of leads and not the right number of people to handle those leads, they will hit a point of diminishing return. Leads will be missed, neglected and lost. Staff is forced to “cherry-pick” and essentially waste the advertising monies and efforts invested. Every dealership needs to have the appropriate HR strategy, based on the dealership’s current situation, needs, goals, and “end in mind”.

If lack of an HR strategy is a challenge for you, Dealer Synergy can help:

  • Assess your current HR Infrastructure.
  • Provide/Create a custom and effective HR Strategy.
  • Provide dealership position profiles, job descriptions and pay plans.
  • Assess your current lead volume and design an HR plan.
  • Reverse engineer the dealership’s sales goals.
  • Train your current staff to be more effective.

4. Lack of Training

Most dealerships fail to arm their staff with the necessary training to set them up for maximum success, whether that be to answer the phone, greet customers, sell appointments, sell cars, sell/perform service, sell F & I and so forth. At best, they are given the road to the sale, product knowledge, maybe a script, a pat on the back and sent on their way. Well that isn’t going to get the job done and in most cases only sets the dealership team member up for failure. To really create automotive professionals, they need the appropriate training to develop their skills, knowledge, attitude and mindset.

If lack of an HR strategy is a challenge for you, Dealer Synergy can help:

  • Train your Showroom Floor.
  • Train your Internet Sales Department.
  • Train your Receptionist.
  • Provide Franklin Covey Training.
  • Provide Mindset Training.
  • Provide HR/Recruiting Training.

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5. Lack of Leadership/Management Training

Just because someone holds the title of manager doesn’t mean that they possess the necessary skills to be a real manager. Many times it is assumed that if someone achieves management status they don’t require the same level of training that a frontline employee needs, when in fact, the higher the position, the more skills that person should possess and training they should partake in and more often. Dealership management need to keep their skills sharp. It is very common to see a high performing salesperson get promoted to management, but just because the title changes and just because they can sell a lot of cars, does that make them a good manager? Or more importantly, does it automatically make them a good leader? Not necessarily, and in most cases not, however, everyone starts some where and with the right training, they can grow into a true manager that is good with leading a team, evolving a team, and holding them accountable. All management should experience leadership training, how to conduct 1 on 1’s training, Franklin Covey training and so forth.

If a lack of management and leadership training is a challenge for you, Dealer Synergy can help:

  • Train your dealership management team on how to lead effectively.
  • Provide/teach effective time maximization strategies.
  • Teach management how to conduct a successful 1-on-1.
  • Teach management how to project and forecast.
  • Teach management accountability measures and tactics.
  • Teach management how to create an effective culture that sells more cars.

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What We Offer

  • Recruiting Strategy Creation
  • Candidate Profiles
  • Personal/Professional Development
  • Time Management/Organization Training
  • Schedule Training
  • Pay Plan Creation
  • Employee Retention Tactics
  • Culture Development
  • Mission, Vision, Values Statement
  • Action Statement
  • Showroom Sales Consultant
  • Internet Sales Training
  • HR/Recruiting Training
  • Management/Leadership
  • CRM Audit & Training
  • Franklin Covey Training

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