For years, dealer principal’s, general managers, & automotive professionals have spent millions of dollars annually on Marketing & Advertising solutions for their dealerships, hoping that 1/10 of the dollars they spent customers would actually come in and purchase a vehicle. Most of them really didn’t always explore the newest and hottest trends of advertising. Dealers stayed within their comfort zone. They took out the full page color ad in the local newspaper, showed in their television ad’s the cheapest lease payment while playing in the gray with the down payment listed in the disclaimer, or advertised vehicles that they only had one model coming in 3 months later, hoping the customer wouldn’t like the vehicle so they could switch them out (i.e. Bait & Switch), etc. After time, when these tactics continued to fail, most of these dealers would either blame the advertising agency that placed the media buys or the actual media companies that they placed the buys on.

Do you know what changed that? 

The Internet.

The Internet took the Automotive Industry by storm. It changed all the rules. No industry on the planet has seen that much change, so fast & nobody saw it coming.  Nobody could hide behind the world wide web.  Consumers lived with it, OEM Manufacturers ruled by it, and dealers could not outrun it.  Everyone lived under those same rules. Everything had to be spelled out. Consumers could read, reread and comprehend the small disclaimers. Consumers would know how many Blue SUV’s the dealers had in inventory. They no longer needed to stay in the showrooms 3-4 hours on a Saturday and then again 1-2 more hours on Monday picking up that vehicle that they purchased. According to the McKinsey report and validated by NADA, The average buyer visits just 1.2 auto dealerships while car shopping, down from 10 years ago (2010) when buyers visited an average of five dealerships.

Why is that again?

The Internet.

When everything changed, most dealers were just implementing their CRM systems for the first time, learning what they could as fast as they could, trying to adapt and maintain their continuous flow of business.

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If you cannot prove your ROI on your Marketing & Advertising Lead Providers, you are just tossing money out the window

Every dealership has lead providers and utilizes what “They” believe sell the most vehicles and give them the largest return on investment or (ROI). Ask your management team to show it to you, better yet, “Prove It To You”. Sadly, most cannot. At Dealer Synergy, not only will we help you see and understand which providers are working best for your business, but also help you filter out the companies that do NOT work best for your business and show you New or Missed Opportunities that actually want to help you grow your business into the future.

Please Show Me How to Re-Examine My Lead Providers!

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The last customer that came in and brought our newspaper ad or ANY with them to purchase a vehicle was…..

Again, another casualty of the Internet. Newspapers & Traditional Media within the Automotive Sector.. According to the Boston Business Journal, Since 2018, of the 200 Gannett Newspapers that file print circulation numbers publicly, 80% are losing circulation at a faster rate than the national average and 10% are declining at twice that rate, yes, that is correct and not a typo, TWICE that rate in some markets. 

The Newspaper attempted to go online but with the birth and explosion of Social Media and News websites, these former giants in the advertising sector for the Automotive Industry have fallen at an unbelievable rate. Ask your Newspaper Account Executive or your advertising agency if your newspaper rates have decreased because of the decrease of circulation? I can bet they respond with “No?”. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, it changed the way customers interact with Automotive Dealerships. Most dealers have come to the realization that it will never return to the “Norm” again. Showrooms were closed. Once they started to reopen, Everything was “By Appointment Only”, No Test Drives, even the manufacturers were telling the public that the dealer would deliver the vehicle to their homes. With everyone on news apps, mobile devices, social media during this time, traditional media advertising wasn’t possible to even measure and make it cost effective for the local dealer. By the time dealers produced a New TV Commercial, our local, state and federal government made more changes and the message that the dealers came up with were outdated BEFORE they even aired. Dealers lost thousands. 

The “shift” that the industry was aware of but didn’t believe was finally here. Digital was here to stay and it not only dominated by the ease of targeting and the ability to change the message easier and faster than in the past, dealers found in most cases it was CHEAPER.   

At Dealer Synergy, we examine all of your fine print in your existing partnerships – both traditional and digitally, show you where the industry is trending for automotive and actually help you change your message for success and dominance moving forward or help you relocate those funds into measurable ROI that is proven to sell more cars & make more money.

Please Show Me how to Maximize Our Advertising Dollars and Not Waste Any More Money!

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Current Marketing Strategies vs. Out of Date Strategies that dealerships have depended on for years.

It is common practice at most Automotive Dealerships to have their Marketing Departments or Advertising Agencies inform their clientele about season campaigns and continuing the practice of Price & Payment strategies only. For years, dealers are utilizing these types of campaigns to lure new customers in with gimmicks or incentives. An example of this would be the incentive of a “Free” Oil Change or “Free” Multi-point inspection. While the system is effective, most times it actually performs “Lower” than its actual potential.

Thus, a better, more efficient, integrated marketing approach would certainly play a better role.

Automotive Dealers are now faced with learning and utilizing a practice called Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel Marketing can be defined as a multichannel sales approach to provide customers with an integrated shopping experience. Customers can shop online on a desktop or mobile device, via phone or in-person at a brick and mortar dealership and receive the same experience, same transparent numbers and data and the #1 benefit to the consumer is it is done at “The Customers” pace. 

When your customers begin to interact with these different features and technology, data is collected and used to create personalized messages or offers that drive customers to the next stage of the sales process through the exploration of Retargeting and/or Conquesting. The customer is guided and shown how to schedule an appointment, create and maintain in-service notifications and post-service follow up.

Dealer Synergy can help you analyze what you are doing now, offer suggestions to how to make the experience more “customer friendly” and show you how the benefits to all parties are far superior currently with this practice than those of days past. Dealer Synergy is not only experienced with Omnichannel Marketing, but we can also show you how to incorporate additional features and technology (such as Social Media, Email Campaigns, Google My Business/SEO, & IP-based retargeting) into your current marketing mix and set you up to succeed and dominate against your competitors in your PMA/DMA.

Help Me Set Up Omnichannel Marketing at My Dealership! I’m Tired of Giving Away Free Oil Changes.

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I think my 3rd party lead providers are working. I saw my cars online.

Congratulations, You’ve spent the money! You’re receiving leads into your dealership! But, you’re not seeing any sales…..Why? Do you have your lead providers setup for success in your systems? Are you utilizing all the tools that the lead providers give to you? Are your feeds set-up correctly? Are your systems fully integrated correctly? Is your CRM processes correctly set up for that 3rd party provider? Did your Marketing team or advertising agency set-up the back end of those lead providers profiles for YOUR STORE? Did your sales managers price everything correctly and check to ensure they are correct? Not only with the pricing you are expecting to charge, but is the math correct for your OEM guidelines to ensure you do not receive a strike or jeopardize your store’s dealer cash because you are not following the rules? 

Who is checking all of this information for your store?

Let’s face it, we here at Dealer Synergy understand how busy you are trying to not only recover from a Global Pandemic, but also you’re trying to still Sell Cars and remain afloat!  You’re trying to still sit with your CFO/controller and understand the PPP loan you applied for. You are not an expert, especially with all the changes of late. Let us help you with all of this. Our team of experts live & breathe this Marketing Mix everyday and have lived it for the past 50+ years. Our proven method will ensure not only everything is connected and set up correctly but also show you and your team how to effectively track the ROI for each provider. 

Please Help Me Set-up Each of My Lead Providers to Ensure that I’m Not Losing Money but Actually Making it!

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What We Offer

Full Marketing & Advertising Training

  • At the Dealership Level
  • At the Department Level
  • Individual Dealership Employee Level

Full Marketing & Advertising Audits

  • Website Audits
  • Social Media Audits
  • Reputation Audits
  • Dealership Brand Strategy Audits
  • Traditional Advertising Audits

Complete Vendor Audits

  • Protect dealership from parasitic vendors
  • Assisting Dealer analyze current vendors
  • Search and find New Partnership vendors
  • Set-up New Vendors with Dealership & Train Staff
  • Set-up Lead Source Providers Radius and Radii with Dealership

Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Image & Corporate Identity

  • Media Schedules
  • Budget Design & Review
  • Social Media Integration and Content Design
  • Brand Integrity Guidelines Creation
  • OEM Compliance Review

On Demand Graphic Design

  • Logo Creation
  • Special Social Media Graphic Design

Quality Video Production Services

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