IS20G 7 is happening now

Internet Sales 20 Group 7, the preeminent workshop in the automotive industry, kicked off yesterday. Dealers, General Managers, Internet Coordinators, and other automotive professionals made their way to NYC to network, learn, and connect with one another. IS20G 7 is jam-packed with educational and informative workshops and panels, ensuring that everyone in attendance will leave more knowledgeable than when they were when they arrived. Networking, whether at an event like IS20G 7 or in another environment, has many benefits for career –driven professionals. IS20G 7 is happening now Information – The more you network, the more information you will gain. From the moment you enter a networking event you are retaining new information. You can learn about new companies in your industry by meeting their representative or new products being sold through items in the takeaway bag. Networking allows you to expand your circle and learn more about your industry. Knowledge – Like IS20G 7, networking events often include workshops or presentations by speakers who work in different sectors of the industry. This allows you to learn new skills or tips from others who may conduct their business differently. These workshops are a great way for newbies to learn from industry veterans. A great example from IS20G 7 is a presentation from industry great, the Alpha Dawg himself, Jim Ziegler. He has been in the industry for numerous years and mentored many others in the industry. By attending IS20G7 and having the opportunity to network, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from one best. If you were unable to attend IS20G 7, make sure you come to our next networking event where you can get informed, learn, and meet great people.

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