Are you Fully Utilizing your Dealership’s Website

Are you Fully Utilizing your Dealership’s Website? Every now and then dealerships must come up with new marketing initiatives. These may include creating a new logo, designing stationary and sent out an email blast containing the latest specials to VIP clients, but none of these things are as important as having a fully functional website. Yes. The look of the website is important to both potential clients and to your dealership’s reputation, but if visitors aren’t able to use your site effectively you will not gain their trust or their business. When revamping your dealership’s website, here are a few questions that need to be answered. Is your dealership easy to find online? – Your dealership’s website is often the first line of communication a customer will have with your business, so it is important that your dealership is easily found during online searches. This is where search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is comes into play. Research shows that customers rarely go past the first page on Google. As a result, in order to ensure your site gets the maximum amount of traffic you must make sure your site’s content includes many of the words car shoppers will use while searching online, visit website. Is the most important information prominently displayed? – Once customers arrive on your site, the goal is to have them find what they are looking for and bring their business to your dealership. When writing copy, include a proper description of your dealership, an outline of the services you provide, an up-to-date database of your inventory, and accurate contact information (location and phone number). Each of these things must be clearly displayed. People like for things to be laid out for them, they do not want to have to search for the information they need. Is your website easy to navigate? – The most well written and informative content is useless if your website is not easy to navigate. During the development process, make sure your website’s pages are appropriately named. The more straightforward the better. You do not want potential customers getting aggravated because they are not able to find the pages they need. Frustrated customers will lose interest in your dealership quickly. Your dealership’s website is a major component of your marketing plans. While it is important to be unique and stand out from others in your industry, there are a few basic guidelines to remember when revamping your site. SEO is key, contact information must be clearly displayed, and properly named pages are a must.

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