What To Expect From Social Media In 2015

2014 has been an exciting year for the social media world. An estimated 300,000 apps were added to the Apple App store, 85 billion apps have been downloaded since October, and Instagram grew by 23%. It seems like it’s going to be hard for social media success to top 2014, but, there’s a few companies that are on the rise this upcoming year! According to Forbes.com, here are some of the upcoming social media sites that you should look for once we ring in the new year this January. Unmetric This analytic platform will save you time by analyzing data from your marketing efforts in minutes! The platform then compares them to your competition! •Kenshoo Social This platform allows you to create and manage a targeted social marketing campaign. It also analyzes data, metrics, and algorithms to find your target audiences, measure your performance, and budget money! •Bubbly As a voice based social media platform, its main purpose is to record voice messages. In addition, the platform lets you make edits to the recordings, add effects, and share them on other social sites •Heard This is a social media news network that uses matching and reputation engines to help content find the right audiences. •Frilp This social media platform offers a quick way to receive recommendations from friends on a product or service that you’re looking into. •WeChat WeChat is another messaging app, but this one connects users across platforms. Buzzfeed has recently teamed up with WeChat to deliver top viral content and news to followers. •Whisper Here is an anonymous platform where people can share their secrets, embarrassing stories, and guilty pleasures. •Line Allows free messaging, free group chats, and can connect users with popular celebrities, brands, and TV shows to receive news and coupons! •Space Tag This app allows you to tag specific places and objects, and recognizes your location from the camera of your smartphone. •Quicket Aiming to be a one-stop-app for all of your travel needs, Quicket allows you to book a flight, pick a seat, and more! •Meety Allows a quick way to engage with people in your area and share content in an anonymous or public mode. •Sharewall Allows its readers to access content that would usually be locked behind a paywall! •Rinbw This app allows you to share five-second videos with your friends! •NOKNOK An anonymous app that tells users how their friends saved them in their phone contact list. •Viber Mobile messaging, voice, and video app that lets everyone in the world connect freely If you’re a Social Media fan, it looks like 2015 is going to exciting for you! If you want to know more about these up and coming social media sites, check out the full story from Frobes.com here!

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