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Dealer Associations

Sean has spoken at over 100 NCM and NADA conventions, a 4-time highest rated NADA convention speaker and has been a trainer and facilitator at various state events, such as the Massachusetts State Automotive Dealer Association, where he was the Keynote. He has also conducted training workshops at groups across the country, such as the Detroit Auto Dealers Association, NJ Car Academy, Metro Atlantic Automotive Dealer Association and The Greater New York Automotive Dealer Association. Sean has also put together an exclusive Video On Demand training module for the Metro Atlantic Automotive Sealer Association. In addition to all this, he has also built the first, and only, Internet Sales 20 Group that meets 2 times a year at different locations across the country. Sean has received only the highest of ratings and accolades from his training sessions and looks forward to each and every event.
If you're an Association, either regional, local, or statewide, and you would like to have Sean speak or conduct a training workshop at your next event, please call us today!