Bridging the Gap Boosts Your Business

The Internet Sales 20 Group, an intense 3-day workshop brought to you by Dealer Synergy, concluded today. Automotive professionals from across the country traveled to New York City to motive, educate, and learn from their fellow peers. The theme of this year’s event was “Bridging the Gap Between Your Internet and Showroom Departments.” While having these two departments work well together is extremely important to the success of a car dealership, this same logic can be used in many other small businesses outside of the automotive industry. “Bridging the Gap Boosts Your Business”>
Although small businesses do not have as many employees as their larger competitors, there are still many departments that allow small businesses to run effectively and turn a profit. For example, here at Dealer Synergy our Marketing, Creative, and Digital teams often work hand –in- hand to on projects. Having your departments work in unison will positively affect your business in numerous ways. Fresh Ideas – Having a group on employees work on a project will make way to new and fresh ideas. Each person within the group will have a different perception of the task and will be able to add something to the project. The varying skill sets will also allow the project to take a shape it may not have been able to take if just one person, or department were involved. The different personalities will be able to build off of one another and create an excellent end result. Heightened Morale – When employees have the opportunity to work together toward a common goal, they are able to get to know one another better and form a bond. When everyone is working to achieve the same thing, there is less chance for animosity or an unhealthy competitive spirit to form amongst the staff. When all of your employees get along, they are more productive, which results in your business being more profitable. Flexibility – After working together on different projects enough, they will begin to learn the roles of their co-workers. This will come in handy during times when the company is extremely busy, or if an employee needs a day off. The other employees will be able to step in and help out, because they already know the procedures and the way things need to be done. While the Internet Sales 20 Group was specifically for members of the automotive industry, the theme of “Bridging the Gap..” can be used in any other industry. Having all of the departments in your business work together will provide you with fresh ideas, an increased morale, and flexibility amongst your staff.

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