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Stop Freaking Out. Marketing does not have to be difficult. Sure, it can be tedious and require a lot of trial and error, but it does not need to be hard, especially as the mediums of marketing evolve. Traditional forms of marketing may be different than the fresher forms of marketing on social media, but the premise remains the same. You want whatever it is you are marketing to see a return on investment from your efforts or finical output. According to inc.com there are only 31 words you need to know. 31 Words “Marketing, reduced to its absolute basics, is remarkably simple: You figure out whom you want to sell to, and then you determine how you are going to get them to buy.” That’s it. Of course you can get into the plethora of questions that need to be answered within this quote, because that’s what we do as humans. We complicate things. Of course there will always be more worked involved in asking and answering the questions laced into such a simple quote, but really it’s not difficult once you realize that a good product or service should sell itself. All you’re really responsible for is making sure people know it exists, aka your branding; enter social media. It’s not advertising, it’s branding and public awareness. I know you are probably looking for the rest of the article or waiting for some grand advice to show up. The good news is, you’ve already read it.

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