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3 Minute Book

The 3-Minute book is a concept created by Dealer Synergy. Think of the 3-Minute book as a Vision Board used to keep your goals in focus. Utilizing this visualization tool people on your team can create their OWN motivating factors which drives the production of your team.

Examples of motivating factors are:

  • Have financial security
  • Purchase my first home
  • Upgrade to the latest iPhone
  • Buy my own car
  • Take my family to Disneyland
  • Start a savings plan

  • Considering the 3-Minute Book as a visualization tool providing the motivation to achieve greater returns, the Scorecard is the analytical tool to measure the adherence to the follow up process. The Scorecard measures daily productivity with metrics evaluating;

  • Lead volume
  • Call volume
  • Connections made
  • Appointments set
  • Appointments show
  • Sold ratio(s)

  • These tools significantly increase the overall success rate of your dealership. Contact Dealer Synergy to find out how we deliver.