Learn how to set more appointments in your dealership and Improve Sales

ATTN! Automotive Sales Professionals, BDC Specialists and Managers:

As the old saying goes, "If it doesn't make $dollars, then it doesn’t make sense”

Here’s a fact: If your customers are missing appointments, you're losing MONEY$ and that’s not making sense.

Do you often wonder how profitable your business could be if you set more appointments and more of your customers actually showed up for said appointments?

There's a much more effective way to operate your business without missed appointments because your prospective buyer FORGOT,

Not setting appointments because your prospective buyer wants to talk to their spouse (or any other similar objection) or better yet, losing out completely when people tell you they bought elsewhere because you were never able to get them on the phone!"

Ain't nobody got time for that!"

So...I'm hosting a free training showing you exactly how to set appointments like-a-pro-suppose-to so you can capitalize on more of your opportunities.

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