The Dealer Synergy Consulting / Training team has extensive experience and advanced expertise in Automotive Sales, Management, Internet / BDC, CRM, Digital Marketing, Special Finance as well as Time Maximization, Leadership and Effectiveness. Our Digital Marketing team brings expertise in complete Video Production and Video SEO as well as Website Design, Graphic Design, Mobile, SEO / SEM and Advanced Social Media expertise. Our team of Performance Coaches and Analysts are experts in Mystery Shopping, Call Monitoring, Phone Coaching / Training, KPI Analysis, Marketing ROI Analysis, Recruiting / Staffing and HR Analysis.

The Bradleys

Kalina Bradley

Sean V. Bradley, CSP


Karen Bradley


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Vice President of Operations

George Gaughan

Vice President of Operations

Performance Division

LA Williams

Director of Training

Franca Vidal

Performance Coach Manager

Jackie Saxenmeyer

Client Support Specialist

Tony Bronner

Performance Coach

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Office Manager

Darlene Kennedy


Video Production / Creative Division

Thomas Stitzer

Video Production Specialist

Joseph Harvey

Video Production Specialist

Matthew Jackson

Graphic Designer

Mike Campano

Digital Content Coordinator

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We have partnerships with the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and Temple University, which allows Dealer Synergy to enlist the best and brightest of each school to join Dealer Synergy’s team. Careful vetting by both the schools and Dealer Synergy allows this official Internship program to flourish; it provides both the required job-related experience for matriculating students, as well as a location for them to expand on their classroom training.
This partnership is a stepping stone for young, career-driven individuals who want to not only test their skills in a fast-paced, professional environment, but fine-tune them and prepare them for the future. We implement modern business practices with today’s advertising approaches to give both students and graduates an understanding of how to make a living with their profession. In doing so, we prepare them for whatever roads lie ahead and give them the tools necessary to make their future a profitable one.

Independent Contractors

We have a network of contract agents paid per contract or project. They support our staff as needed to provide training, mystery shopping, or other content.

Partners & Affiliates

Dealer Synergy has an elite team of combined Automotive Sales Professions, Digital Marketing Experts and Video Production Experts. Our core team works out of our corporate office in Audubon, NJ. Additionally we have a legion of General Contract Agents nationally that we utilize on specific projects. Dealer Synergy also has multiple partnerships with Universities and Technology Schools with official Intern Programs such as The University of the Arts, The Philadelphia Art Institute and Temple University. We also partner with the best of the best vendors and suppliers in the Automotive Industry to provide Dealers with the most powerful and synergistic resources to help them succeed.

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