Are you Successfully Reaching your Audience

The automotive industry has a diverse customer base. Car buyers range from young adults looking for their first car and soon-to-be parents shopping for a family friendly vehicle to elderly who may be looking to for a more practical option. It is the dealership’s responsibility to come up with marketing campaigns that appeal to each of these demographics. Are you Successfully Reaching your Audience As technology changes, there are more and more ways to connect with potential buyers. With marketing options such as direct mailers, email blasts, videos, social media campaigns, and text messaging, dealerships have numerous ways to engage and attract customers. But remember not all advertisements have the goal; the key is to use each of these channels in the best and most useful way possible. Be Consistent – Although you may use each marketing tool differently, it is imperative that the message remains the same. Having a consistent message builds customers trust in your brand, and will ultimately allow you to be seen as a major player in the industry. Engage – One of the best ways to gain new customers and learn more about your existing customers is to engage with them. Recent studies show that videos have the best rate of engagement. In fact, 65 percent of automotive companies plan to switch their TV advertising budgets over to online videos. Social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, are also good tools for customer engagement. After engaging with your customer base, it is important that you use the feedback you receive to adjust your sales process. Personalize – You should make all of your marketing initiatives as personal as possible. If customers see that you took the time to make something just for them, not only will they feel special, they will also respect and trust your dealership and be more willing to purchase. Another helpful tip is to keep a database of the products (vehicles, parts, etc.) that your customers have shown a previous interest in. You can then use this information to send them special news or promotions based on these interests. There are a wide variety of people in the market for a car. Car buyers can be young, old, married, or single. It is important that your dealership’s marketing campaigns successfully reach every demographic. Although the channel used to reach each target audience may be different, the message must remain the same. Your dealership has to remain consistent, engage the audiences, and add a personalized touch whenever possible. If your dealership would like to improve its digital marketing strategy, contact Dealer Synergy today.

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