Dealer Synergy is an award-winning custom training solution. We specialize in all forms of training for your dealership, and have a myriad ways to deliver solutions to help your dealership. Additional to our core training, we have instructional design and curriculum development specialists who can create specific training content for you.

How Do We Deliver Our Training?

Dealer Synergy offers a robust curriculum that includes topics that reach above and beyond traditional training subjects. But what really sets us apart from other training companies is the way in which we deliver these trainings. With a variety of training options, such as live training in your dealership, regional and national workshops, as well as phone coaching and video training, we guarantee the information you need is always at your finger-tips.


Our Team has a combined 100+ years of Automotive Sales, Digital Marketing & Video Production Experience. Our team has held frontline positions in Dealerships such as Showroom Sales, Sales Manager, Internet Sales Manager, BDC Director, Special Finance and GSM. All of our Video Production Team are College graduates from Philadelphia University of the Arts, The Art Institute and Temple University and specialize in all aspects of Video Production from scripting, prepping, shooting and editing, motion graphics, animation, 3D and much more. We have trained over 30,000 Automotive Sales Professionals and Managers and worked with over 1,200 unique rooftops.

Virtual Training

We have a video on-demand training and tracking system. It has over 1,800 training modules with more than 110 hours of custom curriculum utilizing over 80 guest trainers. Our $2M+ system is robust and comprehensive, and permits dealerships to train for a fraction of the cost of onsite training and do it anytime.

Conferences & Workshops

We have conferences and workshops including the sought after Internet Sales 20 Group Conference which is a 3-day comprehensive conference with more than two dozen speakers. We have workshops for Internet director training, showroom sales, and phone sales training. These workshops are effective as an intermediate training between 24/7 and onsite training.


We co-manage the dealership using mystery shopping and analysis on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Phone Coaching & Phone Training

We will train phone sales personnel in proper and successful phone sales techniques.

Reinforcement Training

Training doesn’t end after our first visit. We will return on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis to perform reinforcement training.

Our Curriculum

Showroom Sales

Advanced skills that provide sales people with tools for their success.

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Internet Sales

Maximize your website to become the most profitable aspect of the dealership.

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Business Development

Customized action plans to either develop a BDC or propel an existing one into success.

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Phone Sales

Specialized training for objections, rebuttals, and detailed scripts.

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CRM & Data Mining

Tactics and techniques to maintain relationships with clients using CRM.

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Digital Marketing

Learn about the importance of SEO and analytics when marketing your dealership.

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Special Finance

Tactics and techniques to better serve your special finance customers.

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Management / Leadership

Learn best practices to lead your team to greatness.

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Training Certifications

  • Showroom Sales Consultant
  • Internet/BDC Rep
  • Internet/BDC Director
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Internet Sales Consultant

What Problems Can You Solve?

  • Dealership Traffic
  • Low Gross Profit
  • No Accountability for Team
  • Low Appointments
  • Low Appointments Shows Ad
  • High Advertising Costs
  • Objections/Pushbacks
  • Recruiting/Hiring Problems
  • Employee Retention
  • High Attrition Problems
  • Low CSI
  • Inter-Department Fighting
  • Negative Online Reputation
  • Lost Productivity/Lost Opportunity
  • CRM

What Can You Learn?

  • How to Increase Appointments
  • How to Net Increase Unit Sales
  • How to Increase Profitability
  • How to Decrease Marketing Spent Per Unit
  • Inspect What You Expect/Accountability
  • How to Properly Identify, Meet, and Exceed Every Customer's Expectations
  • How to Increase Appointment Shows
  • Learn the Absolute Best Word Tracks in the Industry
  • How to Properly Project and Forecast

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