Dealer Synergy has either spoken (at), been a general assembly speaker, or keynote speaker for every major conference in the automotive industry.

Our Subject Matter Experts

  • Karen Bradley

    Karen Bradley is the CEO of Dealer Synergy. Karen has 11+ years automotive sales experience where her sole mission has been to help car dealerships and their personnel achieve their maximum potential. She has directly helped over 1,300 roof tops and tens of thousands of automotive sales professionals, managers and owners evolve personally and professionally.

    Karen has a unique background that enables her to help and support Dealer Synergy’s International Dealership and Dealer Group clientele. Karen has over 14 years Accounting experience as well as 11 years as a Certified FranklinCovey Facilitator and Trainer for both the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” as well as the “5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity”. Karen is a Time Maximization & Effectiveness Expert. Additionally Karen is an Instructional Design and Curriculum Development Expert. Karen specializes in creating a custom strategy and curriculum for each and every individual Dealership and employee within the organization.

  • Sean V. Bradley

    Sean V. Bradley CSP is an entrepreneur, published author, speaker and award winning international trainer. He is a 9-time NADA/ATD convention speaker, FranklinCovey certified facilitator, and he has earned the coveted "CSP" designation in the National Speakers Association. Sean is also a member of the elite "Million Dollar Speakers Group" in the NSA. He is also a State Association speaker and trainer. He has spoken at over 240 NADA and NCM 20 Groups. Sean started Dealer Synergy over 15 years ago, but has been in the automotive industry approximately 20 years. Sean and his Dealer Synergy team are a 9 time Dealers' Choice Award winner for being the "Best of the Best Internet Sales Trainer" in the automotive sales industry.

  • L.A. Williams

    L.A. has been blind for 30+ years and has had to live in a world with no sight... only sound, tone, inflection. In addition to being a national phone sales trainer for Dealer Synergy, L.A. is also a very successful music producer. He has produced tracks for Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry, Karina Bradley and scores more. Additionally, L.A. has worked in movies. He was even the voice for Jigsaw in 4 of the SAW movies! You do not want to miss meeting and learning from this incredible human being. He is not just a trainer, he is an inspiration.

    LA is also an NADA Convention Speaker as well as has spoken to numerous 20 Groups and is the Preeminent Subject Master on “Phone Sales” in the Automotive Sales Industry.

    LA is AKA “The Blind Phone Master” for a reason… LA has trained thousands and thousands of Automotive Sales, Internet / BDC, Managers and Dealer PRincipals the “The Blind Phone Master’s Phone Sales MAstery” strategies.

“Not Only is Dealer Synergy an Award Winning training, consulting team, but because of their vast subject matter expertise; and as pioneers in the automotive industry, they are also highly sought out to speak at all of the major conferences and workshops. But just because you are good at something, doesn’t make you a great speaker. What makes you a great speaker is a whole set of skills sets besides being good at car sales."

Dealer Synergy has either spoken at, been a general assembly speaker, or keynote speaker of the following conferences:


The NADA Show delivers the most comprehensive education program in the auto industry. Hear industry experts speak about important subjects at the workshops. Interact with peers on hot topics in the Exchange. Discuss solutions with facilitators in the Studio. Topics will include employee hiring/retention, digital marketing, legal and regulatory overviews, fixed ops and much more.

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NCM Associates originated the automotive 20 Group peer collaboration model in 1947 and its effectiveness has been proven time and again over the years. The concept is smart and simple: using Benchmark data as the foundation, we bring together similar, non-competing business owners from a broad cross-section of the country to exchange best practices, experiences, ideas, and strategies.

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The Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition is where top dealers go to stay ahead of the technology curve, delivering the largest array of industry speakers, peer to peer opportunities, and exhibit hall offerings – all carefully designed to impart groundbreaking business strategies for your dealership. In 3 days, you will gain all the knowledge and ideas you need to map out an actionable growth strategy. Learn what the best of the best dealerships are doing now to generate record profits.

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At J.D. Power we amplify the voice of the consumer, and help brands improve the value of their products and services. Together, these principles empower everyone in the global commerce ecosystem, enabling better purchase decisions – and better business results.

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The Internet Sales 20 Group® is the preeminent workshop in the automotive industry, and is designed to be highly interactive. It was created to bring together Dealers, General Managers, Internet Directors, trainers, consultants, and subject matter experts for 3 days of intense training, education and motivation. Attendees will have an open forum to share information, learn from each other, share ideas and hold each other accountable.

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The Internet Battle Plan was co-founded by Sean V. Bradley, CSP and Jim Ziegler. This is a two-day event that adds value to dealers and their management. The speakers at this event will give your Internet Sales a turbo-charged increase the day you return to your dealership. This workshop will provide you with expert techniques and processes to implement in your store. -InternetBattlePlan.com

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Industry Summit is designed to meet the needs of dealers, managers and front-end staff tasked with building compliant and technology-driven processes for sales and F&I. Industry Summit is your opportunity to maximize sales and F&I production in a rapidly changing market. One pass gives you access to an incredibly diverse selection of sessions, speakers, special events, and much more! You have the power to control your own destiny today and in the years ahead. - IndustrySummit.com

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At the Automotive Game Changer Conference, industry experts join together to discuss their skill set, share their knowledge, and tell everyone how and why they are a "Game Changer" in the Automotive space. You will learn how to become a game changer in the industry. And remember, if you don't learn, you don't grow! - El Patronn

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