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As an official FranklinCovey partner, Dealer Synergy has the tools and skills to identify the best possible candidates and then train them for greatness using the FranklinCovey method. Find out about the partnership between Dealer Synergy and FranklinCovey.

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What We Offer

Needs Assessment

The systematic process for identifying & addressing “gaps” or “wants”.

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Employee VPPs

We develop SPECIFIC VPPs for your organizational needs.

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Recruiting Strategy

We develop a multi-pronged approach to finding the most qualified candidates.

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Pay Plan Structure

Our pay structure is designed to maximize the production of your dealership.

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Work Schedule Creation

We develop a custom work schedule to properly maximize your sales throughout.

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Job Ad Creation

Utilizing specific criteria, we create ads tailored to your dealership’s needs.

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Screen / Interview / Vet

We complete the preliminary steps required to staff your dealership.

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Recommendation of Hires

We will only recommend to you the best of the best people we find.

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Employee Contracts

We develop the contractual documents to keep you and your dealership protected.

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On-Going HR

On-going recruiting, screening, & recommendations of Hires

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Only if you pay for HR service initially will you receive ongoing HR services.

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