Here at Dealer Synergy, we understand that hiring a consulting firm can be a big decision. You want to make sure that the company you hire is going to improve your dealership’s profit. That’s why we start with a Free Consultation so you know exactly what areas we will work on to help drive you towards success...

Our Process

As Dr. Covey explains, “We need to begin with the end result in mind.” Therefore, at Dealer Synergy, we need to assess your dealership by scheduling a 45-60 minute free consultation which will help us determine and assess your needs. Our proven method is centered around the Four P’s, so we need to begin with an assessment of all four quadrants, Products, People, Process, and Promotion. Beginning this way allows us to pinpoint what is working properly AND what we can maximize further. After we have properly assessed all aspects of your department, we will create a SWOT analysis: your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Armed with all this information, we can then create a customized action plan and business model to help ensure your dealership’s success.

1. Contact

Dealer prospect needs to contact Dealer Synergy. Call, text, email.

2. Conduct Needs Assessment

Dealer Synergy will conduct a needs assessment. We set up a video Zoom meeting and review our assessment with you.

3. Create 4P SWOT Analysis

We accumulate data and conduct a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

4. Understanding Your Goals

We now have a real-time assessment, so you need to tell us your goals; increase unit sales, improvement goals, on-line reputation, etc.

5. Reverse Engineering

We reverse engineer a program based on the assessment and your goals. We begin a program with the end goal in mind.

6. Our Involvement

Our involvement in your dealership will be jointly decided from minimal to intensive based on your goals.

7. You Will Sell More Cars, More Often, More Profitably

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What We Offer


We evaluate KEY areas of your department: People, Products, Process, Promotions...

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ROI Assessment

We assess the performance of the returns from your department’s investments.

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SWOT Analysis

We utilize the SWOT matrix to evaluate the best approach for your dealership's strategy.

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Human Resources

We create profiles, recruit and screen candidates ensuring optimal staffing levels.

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Vendor Partnerships

Your success is partly based on the work of your vendor(s) of choice. We help build meaningful partnerships.

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OEM Compliance

We ensure your process of rebranding and selling product to customers.

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Action Plans

This process helps aid decision-making by providing actionable next steps.

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Custom Creation


We are curriculum and instructional design specialists. If you don’t want to use our content we can create curriculum specific to your dealership or dealer group.

Instructional Design

We create workbooks, training materials, posters, syllabus, and so forth.

Curriculum Development

We can create curriculum from scratch or jointly develop with you, for any subject matter relevant to you.

What Problems Can You Solve?

  • Properly develop your primary marketing area
  • Help you maximize products
  • Strategically set up conquest marketing area
  • Maximize 3rd party leads
  • Maximize traffic opportunity on your website
  • Structure your CRM for proper utilization

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