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Dealer Synergy combines 20 Years of Frontline, Automotive Internet Sales / BDC & Digital Marketing experience with advanced Showroom sales success with unique strategies, techniques, state of the art resources and technology for Dealerships as well as the most powerful customizations to maximize ALL tools the Dealership(s) have already in order to dominate in their market and crush the competition.

We work with Dealer Principals, GMs, Sales and F&I Managers, Internet / BDC Directors, Digital Marketing Managers as well as Automotive Sales Professionals to create a complete “custom” synergistic solution for their organizations.

After Dealer Synergy analyzes your organization, helps you implement the necessary pieces of the business model you want / need in order to see a “Net Lift” on both Volume and Gross, Dealer Synergy will come onsite and deliver the most powerful and cutting edge Training for the entire Front End of the Organization.


Dealer Synergy is an Award Winning Custom Training Solution. There is a massive difference in “Training” your people versus simply “Exposing” them to the information. We can train, educate and develop all of your staff on Everything from Receptionist, Showroom Sales, Internet / BDC, CRM, Digital Marketing, Management, Desking, F&I and Special Finance, Service and everything in between. We also have a myriad of ways to deliver and facilitate our Training / Education. Such as:

  • Onsite Custom Training at your Dealership(s)
  • Virtual Training on our Bradley On Demand 24/7 Interactive Training, Tracking, Testing and Certification Platform
  • Accountability / Monthly Support / Ongoing Training
  • Phone Coaching / Phone Training
  • Video Conference Training (Zoom, Skype etc…)

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With our tremendous experience in the Automotive Sales Industry and with our profoundly successful clients we have developed and evolved our “Dealer Synergy” Philosophy of “O.R.A.N.G.E”. We specialize in the “Complete” solution for Dealership success and evolution. We don’t merely handle one piece like Internet Sales / BDC or Showroom Sales. We are the complete, holistic approach for Dealerships and Dealer Groups. We build “Internet Dealerships” / “Business Development Dealerships” as well as teach, mentor and evolve Showroom Sales Consultants into becoming true Automotive Sales Professionals and helping them become a real business within the Dealership or Dealer Group’s business.

We also provide full Dealership and department analysis of ALL “KPIs”.

  • Mystery Shopping / Evaluating / Auditing:
    • Phones
    • Text Messaging
    • Email
    • Video
    • Social Media
    • Chat
    • Volume
    • Gross
    • CRM
    • Digital Marketing
    • Vendors / Partners
    • And much more…

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Accountability / Monthly Support

Information without application is JUST “Information”. But, information with application… That equals “TRANSFORMATION!”

Our most powerful and important service we provide to our clients is our “Accountability” program (Monthly Support). We have a team of elite “Performance Coaches”, their whole purpose in life is to work with you and your Organization in helping you Sell More Cars, More Often and More Profitably. Our Performance Coaches do everything from:

  • Mystery Shopping / Call Monitoring
  • KPIs Management / ROI Audits
  • Phone Coaching / Phone Training
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Support
  • Weekly Meetings with Department Head for Tactical Strategy and Weekly Recaps
  • Unlimited Phone, Email, Video and Text Support
  • Our Team “Co-Manages” the department or even the entire Dealership / Dealer Group.

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Recruitment / Staffing

Dealer Synergy launched the Popular AutomotiveSalesCareers.com Job / Career Portal for Dealers for Free.

Additionally Dealer Synergy is uniquely qualified with both their Certifications and Partnerships with companies like FranklinCovey and Topgrading to provide the most powerful and successful Recruiting and Staffing Services for the Automotive Sales Industry.

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Both of “The Bradleys” are highly sought out subject matter experts in and outside of the Automotive Sales Industry. Karen and Sean V. Bradley, CSP are available to be booked for:

  • NADA / NCM Dealer 20 Groups
  • NADA / ATD Conventions
  • State and Local Dealer Associations
  • Conferences / Workshops / Seminars
  • Sales Meetings at your Dealership / Dealer Group
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Interviews
  • Etc…

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Both of “The Bradleys” are Writers and Sean has written the Best Selling Book “Win the Game of Googleopoly”, Published by Wiley.

Combined “The Bradleys” have over 3,000 Articles in Print and Online in 13 Different National and International Magazines and all of the major Blogs and News Sites in the Automotive Sales Industry. Sean and Karen Bradley are available to Write for your:

  • Magazine
  • Blog
  • Online Community or Group

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