Dealer Synergy is your vendor liaison partner. We can help you with all of your automotive vendors and partners. We are a high-level training and consulting company and we have front-line experience. We have numerous executive managers on our team that work and manage dealerships.

How do we audit our vendors?

For the last 14 years, we have worked with over 1,300 dealerships, and 35,000 automotive professionals all over the country and in Russia and Canada. Based on our experience on observing these vendors ourselves, Dealer Synergy is qualified to identify if you got the right vendor partners. We can perform a full vendor audit, meaning we can evaluate your dealership on a couple vendor categories:

  • Are they the right vendors for your dealership and for your strategy?
  • Do you have the right vendors for your dealership and your strategy?
  • Is your product or service through your vendor set up correctly?
  • Are you using your product or vendor correctly?
  • Are your people trained and know how to use your product and vendor correctly?
  • Are your vendor partner reps supporting the right way?
  • Are your reps your partners or your vendors?
  • Are they making you money, more often, more profitably?

Vendor Recommendations

If you are a dealer and need products and services in the industry of your dealership, or your not happy with the product / service you have, Dealer Synergy can do the following for you:

1. Learn

We will first understand what product or service that you want or think that you need.

2. Review

We will review what you don’t like about your current product / service and why you want to change it.

3. Evaluate

We will decipher what you’re looking to accomplish with your current product that you can’t get.

4. Recommend

We will provide you with the best products / vendors that will help you with your needs.

Special Vendor Privileges

Because Dealer Synergy and Internet Sales 20 Group have a powerful connection with vendors, we will get you the absolute best rates, trials, discounts, & freebies that most other dealers can’t get.

Properly set up

Your Vendors

We may not be your CRM and data-mining source, but what Dealer Synergy can do is be your vendor liaison. We can help you and your dealership by setting up a zoom meeting / conference call and structure your vendor products and vendor services.



After we properly set up your vendors, we are going to be able to help keep your vendors accountable. If you have any issues with vendors; not only will we keep those vendors accountable, we are going to help you solve your problems with your vendors on your behalf.

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