Handling the Holiday Rush

While millions of Americans are enjoying this Fourth of July weekend, celebrating the birth of America, eating BBQ, spending time with family, and watching fireworks, automotive sales people across the country will be gearing up for one of the busy weekends of the year. Car shoppers, who were drawn to the dealerships by promises of discounts and special financing, will flood the showroom in the hope of driving off in a new ride. In order to handle the holiday rush, it is essential your showroom and Internet departments work together efficiently. How the holiday rush will affect your showroom staff – The three-day weekend means car shoppers have extra time on their hands. Many of them will decide to use this spare time to come in and browse your inventory. It is important the dealership is properly staffed and all salesmen are educated and aware of all promotions and special offerings. See more info at plunge san diego. How the holiday rush will affect your Internet department – Some customers will be reluctant to just drop into the showroom, instead buyers will do their research online at your dealership’s website. Many of these shoppers will contact your Internet department to get more information. It is the Internet Coordinators’ responsibility to make sure each of these leads are handled and given the attention they deserve. Working together – Even though the Internet and showroom departments have the ability to function separately, it is more lucrative for the dealership when these entities work together. If these departments maintain an open line of communication, they will be able to provide service to all customers effectively and efficiently. Although the Fourth of July weekend is a very busy time for the automotive industry, it does not have to be chaotic. Synergy between your Internet and showroom departments will allow your dealership to run smoothly, resulting in more revenue. We here at Dealer Synergy want to wish you all a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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