NADA is the National Automobile Dealer’s Association, and every year they host their big NADA Show. For context, NADA Show is the Superbowl of Automotive Industry Events. The biggest of the biggest, and the best of the best dealers, vendors, and subject matter experts gather here each year to share knowledge, train, market, and grow their automotive businesses.

Dealer Synergy at NADA

The NADA Show is a convention held by the National Automobile Dealer’s Association each year design to share and educate the Automotive Industry. At this convention, dealerships learn the latest tools, tactics, and industry trends, as well as learn about all the new automotive products and technologies they need. It’s a place for networking, education, and growing your dealership exponentially. Subject matter experts gather from all over the country to share their expertise with dealers.

NADA has a very selective process, and only the top contenders make it as speakers at this prestigious event. Our president, Sean V. Bradley, CSP, is a 9x NADA Convention Speaker. That means that NADA has selected Sean 9 TIMES to speak at their event. In addition to that, Karen Bradley, our CEO, and L.A. Williams, our Director of Training, have also been selected to speak at NADA Show in years prior.

Dealer Synergy also exhibits at NADA Show every year, showcasing our services and products for dealers to get a taste in person. At the booth, you can meet Sean, Karen, and other members of the Dealer Synergy team, get acquainted with us, and let us show you why we are the best of the best in Automotive for Training, Consulting, Accountability, and Recruiting.

The members of the Dealer Synergy Team are experienced NADA presenters, and if you are interested in seeing our own Sean V. Bradley speak at NADA Show 2019 about the importance of the CRM, visit the link below.

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