The Internet Sales 20 Group® was founded by Dealer Synergy and is the preeminent workshop in the automotive industry. It is designed to be highly interactive. The Internet Sales 20 Group brings together Dealers, General Managers, Internet Directors, trainers, consultants, and subject matter experts for 3 DAYS of intense training, education, and motivation. Attendees will have an open forum to share information, learn from each other, share ideas and hold each other accountable.

Dealer Synergy's Internet Sales 20 Group

Sean V. Bradley and Karen Bradley are the founders of the Internet Sales 20 Group, originally titled “Synergy Sessions,” the Industry’s Most Powerful 3-Day Workshop.

The workshop features 3 days jam-packed with content and powerful sessions from the Industry’s leading subject matter experts, in addition to offering strategies for action plans, a benchmark composite, Certified Franklin Covey training, and exclusives resources available ONLY to attendees. Featured speakers in the past have included Paul Cummings, Dr. Willie Jolley, and upcoming at the next IS20G, Brad Lea.

Dealer Synergy’s Sean and Karen Bradley have spoken and shared their expertise at every IS20G, in addition to hosting and moderating this epic event. They have held 11 Internet Sales 20 Groups, and the 12th is happening this upcoming March 2019. The Internet Sales 20 Groups are also known for their expert, exclusive Roundtable Rotations, the epic word-track battle: the King of the Ring, the engaging Mastermind Session, and the legendary Rockstar VIP Party. There isn’t much that this conference doesn’t offer, and it was all started here at Dealer Synergy.

If you are interested in experiencing Dealer Synergy’s IS20G12, visit the link below.

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