Digital Dealer Conference & Expo is a yearly conference held by Digital Dealer. Over 100 educational sessions are held by the industry’s leading executives, trainers, and consultants from across the country. Dealer Synergy has been featured several times at the Expo. The Bradleys and Dealer Synergies are major subject matter experts of Digital Dealer; they have either keynoted or featured as speakers.

Dealer Synergy at Digital Dealer

The Digital Dealer Conference & Expo is an industry-leading conference that educates dealers on building custom solutions, discovering new technologies, growing dealerships, and expanding knowledge. 98 of the Top-100 Dealer Groups attend Digital Dealer. This means only the most elite speakers and vendors are selected to present in front of their audience. Both Sean and Karen Bradley have been chosen to speak at this event numerous times. Not only that, but Sean V. Bradley, CSP has been given a double-session (a two-hour-long session) TWO YEARS IN A ROW. Every session that Dealer Synergy has presented at Digital Dealer has featured a full, packed crowd, and has been filled with powerful knowledge on all sorts of topics including Time Maximization and Effectiveness, CRM Usage and Strategy, and the Power of Video.

If you are interested in seeing the Dealer Synergy speak at a Digital Dealer Conference & Expo, visit the link below to learn more about the event.

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