Easy Ways to Increase Your Organic Reach

Time and time again you have been told social media is a major component of any successful marketing campaign. So, somewhat reluctantly, you compiled a marketing plan complete with a social media strategy. You began posting what you believe to be quality content, but you still are not reaching as many people as you would like, especially on Facebook. Now you have found yourself aimlessly trying to increase your organic reach, or in other words get more of your Facebook fans to see your posts. Easy Ways to Increase Your Organic Reach The bad news: The typical post on Facebook only reaches 16 percent of fans. The good news: There are several ways, other than promoted posts (which cost), for you to get your posts seen be more of your fans. Know Your Audience – Research the type of people that like your page. Get to know what topics interest them, what their needs are and how you can meet them, and what type of posts they engage with the most. Facebook tracks the engagement between your brand and individual users. The more recent and consistent your engagement with an individual, the higher the engagement ranking. If you do not engage with certain users, or they hide your posts, the engagement ranking will decrease over time. See more info at action ac. Cut The Fluff – Keep your posts short. Get to the point, but refrain from giving away too much information. Studies show that long posts are rarely ever read all the way through. People like to see the important information quickly and easily, without having to read through a bunch of filler and unnecessary details. Ask For What You Want – As the old saying goes, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. If you want people to engage with you, tell them. That being said, be careful not to just ask for likes. Facebook doesn’t weigh posts that gain likes by asking for them as heavily as posts that gain likes without being asked. Get engagement by posting content that drives people to click links, share pictures and articles, and leave comments. Show Your Appreciation – People love to know their opinions, concerns, etc., have been heard and taken into consideration. Be sure to engage the engagement. Whether it’s answering questions or simply saying thank you, let the people know you are listening. This will keep the conversation going and your engagement ranking increasing. Step Outside The Box – Do not be afraid to experiment with the type of content you post. Post quality material often and vary the subject matter. Test the waters. See what people respond to and use that information to tailor your future posts. Because of paid ads and promoted posts, some may say the days of organic reach are long gone. That is not true. With the proper research, there are several ways to expand your reach on Facebook, for free. If you would like help constructing a social media strategy or digital marketing company, contact Dealer Synergy today.

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