Can You Close the Deal

When starting a new sale, the goal of every salesperson is to close the deal. Because the automotive industry is very competive, it is extremely important your sales team knows the basics of how to end a sale successfully. Can You Close the Deal Keep it short and simple – Potential car buyers are very busy people. Their time is valuable to them, so your sales team should work hard to make the sales process as seamless as possible. The sales associate should be sure the line of communication between he and the customer are clear. Each party should state his intentions up front. The idea of simplicity should remain a priority throughout the entire sales process, especially when it pertains to objections. The sales associate is responsible for simplifying all of the customer’s objections. These objections include, money, time, the product, and stalling. Once these objections are explained away it should be easy to close the deal. Comfort is key – One of a salesperson’s main goals should be to make his customer feel comfortable. From the initial greeting, the sales associate should work to build a relationship with the customer, to ensure there is a level of trust. One way to gain a strong rapport is to thoroughly listen to your customer’s needs and act upon them. Visit Know when to close the deal – Finally, and some would say most importantly, know when to close the deal. During the sales process, each party has something the other wants. It is imperative for the associate to maintain control of the sale and take every opportunity to close deal. Waiting to long, and conversely, acting to soon will cause a buyer to question the purchase and maybe even move on to another dealer. The sales process can be very stressful for both the sales associate and the customer. With proper training, the salesman will be able to simplify the process, close the deal, and ultimately become more profitably. If you would like more sales tips contact Dealer Synergy, or visit

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