Building An Efficient BDC

As technology advances, so does the way people shop for cars. Gone are the days uninformed shoppers drop into their local dealerships in search of their next vehicle. Today, not only are buyers using the Internet to research cars that have sparked their interest, they also start the buying process online. Building An Efficient BDC This is where a dealership’s Business Development Center, also known as a BDC, comes into play. If your dealership is slightly behind the curve and lacks a BDC, you may be wondering what you need to start one and what exactly the BDC will be responsible for. The materials needed to start a BDC are fairly simple and easy to come by. First, you need a space. Once that is acquired, you need the hardware (computers, phones, etc.,), Internet access, software, CMS, and lead sources. Last, but definitely not least, you need the proper people to staff the department. In order to ensure your dealership’s BDC is successful, you must be aware of what the BDC is supposed to accomplish. Many people believe the BDC is simply responsible for basic email and phone follow up, but every successful BDC maximizes sales. BDC employees have tasks such as appointment setting, responding to Internet leads, crafting email campaigns, mining the database for additional sales opportunities, and other customer service duties. Good BDCs go beyond their basic tasks. They are proactive and create their own opportunities. They take the extra mile to close the deal. Successful BDCs take the initiative to bridge the gap between the BDC and the Showroom departments. The employees not only followup with unsold showroom customers, they also put in the effort to make sure the Internet customers have a smooth customer experience once they enter the dealership and interact with the showroom sales staff. Because technology is constantly evolving, the way consumers shop is always changing, and as a result the way car dealerships operate must change as well. BDCs are now a major part of the automotive industry. In order for them to be successful, they must work well with the showroom department. If your dealership is looking to enhance its BDC, contact Dealer Synergy today.

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