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The Importance of The 3 Minute Book.
February 7, 2014
Today’s blog is going to discuss Dealer Synergy’s “3 Minute Book.” Those of you who are Dealer Synergy clients should know all about this. If you have never heard of the 3 Minute Book, then I recommend you read carefully and start implementing this into your everyday lives!
    The 3 Minute Book consist of 3 parts -
  1. Goals / Things you want.
  2. Road map / Pay plan.
  3. Your score card. (For Dealer Synergy Clients).

If you are not a Dealer Synergy client, then I recommend using the third section to keep track of how you make extra money in your position. It can be based off of your commision, raises, or bonuses.

You should always, “Begin with the end result in mind.” So we recommend that you get a binder with 3 dividers to stay organized.

In your goals section:

You want to create a collage of all the things you want. It could be a new house, a new car, getting out of debt, or even just saving up a certain amount of money. You want to look at this first page and be able to visualize yourself having all of those things. This is your motivation!

Example: You can create your goal sheet on the computer or a poster board.

I will have a beach house

I will plan a trip to Italy

I will have financial stability

In your road map section:

You want to map out exactly how you are going to reach your goals. It could be a breakdown of your salary, a breakdown of how many appointments you need to set, or a breakdown of how many vehicles you need to sell in order to achieve those goals.

Example: You can break down your pay per week/month/year or add in your commission

Road Map/Pay Plan

I work 40 Hours a week

I make $10/ Hour

40x10 = $400

I need $1,500 for my goal

I will save $100/Week

1,500/100 = 15

It will take 15 weeks to reach my goal.

Finally, your score card section:

For Dealer Synergy clients, this should consist of your numbers from today and month to date. You should keep track of the following:

  1. How many leads you received.
  2. How many outbound calls you made.
  3. How many connections you made.
  4. How many appointments you set.
  5. How many appointments you confirmed.
  6. How many appointments showed.
  7. How many appointments delivered.

You want to do this every day! Looking at this at the beginning of every shift will keep you motivated. Success does not come easy, but planning it out will help.

"You can have, do or be anything you want." -Joe Vitale (The Secret)

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