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The Start of Native Marketing.
July 22, 2014
More often than not when a business is developing their social media strategy they assume “likes” and comments on various platforms are the tell all for how much success they can expect, but engagement doesn’t equate to ROI. Just because someone likes or comments on something you have posted for your business does not mean they are going to run to your website and sign up for your newsletter or purchase your product. The sole purpose of “social” media is to remain social and present. So when the time comes for a consumer to purchase something you sell, they have your brand on their mind. Time and time again we will tell you; these networks are SOCIAL for a reason, you need to socially engage clients in conversations.

People often try to use social media as a second form of direct advertising. Unfortunately that’s not the way to win in this game. The reason social media became popular was because it was a clean form of entertainment, clean of advertising that is. In the early days, Myspace, Facebook and Twitter were private companies that did not rely on advertisers dollars; therefore all of the content was social. Slowly companies took notice of the large audiences gathering on these social sites and jumped on the opportunity to spread the messages of their brands. There was a golden era where advertisers couldn’t pay for ad space and had to rely on being social and engaging, unfortunately those days are behind us and now to get your message seen you’ve got to “pay to play” but to ensure you don’t waste your money, you’re going to have to look into Native Marketing. What is Native Marketing? You’ll have to check out our blog / podcast on Thursday. See You Then.