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PODCAST - Native Marketing
July 24, 2014
Native Marketing

If you read our blog post from Tuesday (if you haven’t yet, you should) you had a chance to get familiar with native advertising. To recap it is basically just a form of advertising that is used to promote your ad without your audience knowing it is an ad. Essentially it is an ad that blends into your newsfeed, twitter feed, or instafeed by looking like a picture a friend of yours would post. Typically this form of advertising is paid for in order to reach more people, but content and creation are key. In today’s podcast we take an in-depth look into what this form of advertising is and why it is so great! We break down the essential facts into numbers and try to convince you, it's something you should be looking into.

Also, we clear up some of the confusion for those of you who have a spinning head right now. Enjoy, and if you want to read further into this topic you can check out the sources for this podcast here.