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Making Snapchat Work for You!
May 19, 2014
Snapping Your Way to Success Snapping Your Way to Success

Are you familiar with SnapChat? If you aren’t, you will become familiar with it today. Like many social media sites today following the lead of Instagram, SnapChat is a strictly mobile based site. All you need is a smart phone, to download the app from your app store and create an account. To do so, you will need an e-mail address and to generate a password for this account. Once you create an account it can be synced to the contacts in your phone to find other people on the mobile device. This creates a smaller market of people you are targeting. However, it doesn’t have to be small and even if just one person that would not have normally seen your ad sees it, this is a major plus! Though, you need to make it count because you only have 10 seconds maximum for your message to be viewed.
So, besides that why should you use SnapChat for your business?
Well, According to Social Media Examiner:

• It is popular. More than 400 million messages, photos and videos are logged daily.
• You can generate leads. You can do things like offer giveaways and then promote them on your other social media platforms for your business. For instance #Nowoffering (insert whatever you are offering) could be a hashtag and you could track how many people are checking out your brand, which leads to possible customers.
• Take people to what they would not normally see. You can show a video of why your company is so great in a behind the scenes kind of way.
• Introduce new deals, products or events
• The fact that the receiver can only view it for 10 seconds creates a sense that this is something that is important “right now”.
It is brief but lots of companies are adding mobile apps to their focus in addition to traditional social media applications. Though, the targets are a mainly age 13-25 that is still a group you want to reach. Young customers become older customers, which then makes them loyal customers. If someone’s parent grew up loving your brand odds are they are going to share the benefits with their children. This creates a new generation of customers. The cycle is continuous. Also, despite the 10 second rule snaps can live in the server for up to 24 hours. Though, it does not appear that more than 69 characters can be used, this is with no spaces (that’s just my count). You may be able to squeeze in more, but not much so make your advertisement count!