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Are You Still Trying To Be Traditional? Internet Marketing is Here!
June 24, 2014

Invest in Internet Marketing

The Automotive industry is notorious for being one step behind the cutting edge, and as the Social Media Manager here at Dealer Synergy, I feel it’s my responsibility to push you towards the cutting edge. The Internet is the largest source of information known to man, and is the most accessed “product” in the entire country, with that in mind, it is no wonder people in business all over question whether they should stick with traditional forms of marketing like print and television, or if they should focus more heavily on Internet Marketing. I’m not telling you to abandon all forms of traditional marketing, as long as people spend even the briefest moment looking away from their smart phone, there will always be a place for print advertising, but it’s important to remember, you aren’t reaching as many people as you used to. To reach a larger audience, you do need to turn your attention to advertising on the Internet. It really comes down to saving you money.

For instance the total number of people subscribed to Reader’s Digest totals 17+ million. The total amount of people who subscribe to totals 28+ million, think about it this way, if you spent 30 minutes posting a relevant blog post or a sincere comment on a heartwarming news article, you’re increasing your brand recognition, for free. Throw some money into the mix and invest in paid advertising on relevant webpages and I guarantee you see a high ROI. Instead of spending $6,000 to reach 100,000 people (4% of which may be interested in buying a car) you could spend $100 with a targeted keyword online advertising campaign and hit 2,000 people looking to buy a car. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which is clearly the better choice.

In a world where Americans spend over 2 hours of their day on the internet and another 3 hours staring at their phone screens – if you’re not spending on new advertising techniques,you’re not capitalizing on the best ways to attract new leads. We’re not saying to get rid of traditional forms of marketing, but we’re saying make sure you are on the internet as well, as it is your best bet to save money. Check out the original link for the inforgraphic here.