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Improve your Relationship with your Team
December 17, 2013

My team here at Dealer Synergy have a variety of skill sets, backgrounds, and work methods. I have found several tips that have helped improve my relationship with each one.

  • Talk to your team each morning. Create an open door to yourself so they can open up to you and give you access to help train, coach and teach them.

  • Stay approachable and be consistent. Consistency is so important. You do not want to be a roller coaster dealership always going up and down. Stay consistent in meetings, ongoing training, and anything else you say & do.

  • Recognize your team for who they are. They are people who are working together to accomplish individual & corporate goals every day.

  • Whether they are performing well or poorly never minimize them, embarrass them or make fun of them in their abilities, lack of abilities, skillsets, good month, bad month or anything that would seem to lower their self-esteem.

Although this may not be the most popular way to lead this is very effective and will help keep your team happy and wanting to come to work with and for you. Nobody likes to feel lowered in how they feel or are viewed in any sense of the meaning. Treat them with the same courtesy, kindness and respect as you would like to be treated.

About Joe Cala

Joe has a total of 12 years in the automotive industry, holding positions from Sales Person to Used Car Manager, New Car Manager to Internet Sales Manager, and eventually Internet Director. A licensed and ordained minister since 1999, Joe is founder of Today’s Living Ministries and, as well as the creator of the Next Step Visitor Follow Up System, a visitor assimilation system for churches that is used all around the world for visitor retention and congregation member connection. Originally, from the Jersey Shore, Joe has traveled and relocated around the United States before recently moving back to Jersey to become Dealer Synergy’s General Manager.