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Going Viral
July 1, 2014
Viral Twitter Content Social Rest maintains a great Campaign
How to Go Viral, A Mini Case Study on Social Rest. There’s a difference between creating sharable content, and creating viral content Most people will never know the difference, let alone determine which is more valuable. Fortunately for you, you’re reading this blog post, so I’m here to help!

You’ve got to know the difference; each can be important. Shareable content generally pulls on someone’s emotions, the person wants to share the emotions they’re feeling so they share the content. On the flip side, Viral content usually has a drive of it’s own, it becomes something everyone wants to talk about. Like you may have guessed a viral plan has a stronger effect for your business. This is because people like to be a part of something bigger, So when something goes viral, people like to be able to say they contributed. How is this done?

Well, you need to create viral content. A simple campaign that gets people to engage rapidly (or virally) can increase followers. For example, during the Superbowl a company, SocialRest, decided to launch a campaign on Twitter in hopes of being viral. They knew they wanted to use the hashtag #SocialSwagPack and the attached graphic, but they weren’t sure when to kick off their tweet. They waited patiently for another hashtag to go viral and then used it in correlation with their own. The result was a HUGE increase in followers (their exact words 1200% increase) and the campaign turned into a huge success. All because they jumped on something already going viral, no one said marketing was fair. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, always be looking for the next viral thing that you could jump on.

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