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Finding the Right Candidate
January 4, 2014

When it comes to the Automotive Industry and your Internet Department, finding the right candidates can be very challenging and frustrating. There are many things to consider, and many factors that go into the process of finding the right people. I am going to let you in on just a few of the many things to look for when hiring the right people for your Internet Department.

To form a successful Internet Department, the right candidates should possess certain qualities.

First: They should have Good Communication Skills. As we all know, good communication is the key to all things. Without this major quality, the department can take a turn for the worse. Perception is reality and sometimes when we communicate with prospects, they may interpret something we said very differently, and vice versa, and the ending result can ultimately be a lost deal, a lost future customer, lost referrals and the list goes on.
Things to consider when finding the right candidates that have good communication skills are:
• Eye Contact
• Being able to ask questions
• Being able to answer questions promptly and effectively.
• Having interest in conversations that are being held with prospects and staff

Second: Persistence. A person who shows persistence when inquiring about a job at your dealership, is someone who will be persistent in following up with prospects and making the required calls. This person will get the deal DONE!!

Third: Willingness to Learn. When someone is open and willing to learn all the necessary functions needed to become successful in the department, they will be able to take on any task given and will also be able to help and teach their co-workers if necessary. This person will have no problem taking on leadership roles.

Fourth: Attendance. We all know that when you’re on a team and one of your team members is gone, everything is off balanced. It is EXTREMELY important that each team player is in position each work day and playing their position the way they are expected to. Each player plays a crucial role in bringing in prospects to the dealership.

Fifth: Attitude. A positive or a negative attitude can be a determining factor in deciding on where that prospect is going to purchase their next vehicle. Like I stated earlier, perception is reality. When a prospect is going to make such a large purchase, they want to feel that the person on the other line truly cares about their decision and knows what their wants, wishes and expectations are. Having a positive attitude can and will, make all the difference in the ultimate deciding factor.
In conclusion, hiring the right candidates is one, if not the MOST important thing in having the most successful Internet Department. Someone with these characteristics will hold great success in the Internet Department.

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About the Author


My name is Katherine Rosado. I am a Human Resource Analyst at Dealer Synergy, a nationally recognized training, consulting and digital marketing firm. I specialize in Human Resources, Customer service and Support.