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Building Value
December 27, 2013

Good morning Coordinators and other dealership staff!

Thank you for reading Dealer Synergy’s first ever Customer Service blog post! Today we are going to talk about the main obstacles that coordinators/BDC Reps are having trouble with when taking an inbound phone call. I will do a breakdown of each common problem while speaking with prospects. Also I have included Dealer Synergy’s word tracks and why they are so important to use.

I have found that one of the biggest difficulties coordinators face is building value. The things we categorize into Building Value are Availability, Identifying Expectations & Implementing Rebuttals, Transition & Validation, as well as the Value Package Proposition. All of these things should be in each of your phone calls.

Let's get started!

Problem 1: Availability – remember to utilize GREAT NEWS! And DEFINITLEY! You also want to have a very enthusiastic tone. - "Great news! That vehicle is definitely available!"

Problem 2: Identifying Expectations and Implementing Rebuttals – This step is EXTREMLEY important. This is where you show the prospect that you do actually care about what is important to them unlike other dealerships. Once they tell you what is important to them you hit them with your own rebuttal or if you are a Dealer Synergy client you should be using one of the 49 rebuttals that we provide. This will show them that your dealership is going to meet their wants and needs. – "(Prospect’s Name) just so I know… besides availability, what else is important to you in deciding where you are going to purchase your next vehicle?" From what I hear when listening to dealership calls a lot of people say price. A popular rebuttal that coordinators use is "How about this, if I wasn’t able to get you the absolute BEST deal, I would NEVER expect you to buy a vehicle from us…ok?"

Problem 3: Transition and Validate – This step helps you progress into the final steps as well as justifies what you have been saying. Transition:"(customer’s first name) just so I understood you correctly, the 2 most important things I heard you say were availability and (Second objections)." Validation: "Let me assure you those are the two most basic things we do here. With that being said this is what you can expect as a valued customer of (Dealership Name)."

Problem 4: Value Package – Listing the value package helps exceed the prospect’s expectations and gives the prospect a reason to purchase from your dealership and your dealership only. If your dealership does not have a value package then come up with something that helps differentiate your dealership from your competitors. Always sound excited as if this is the best thing they will hear all day. "We’ve created an amazing value package to show our appreciation to our customers. Some of the benefits that you are entitled to are a, b, c, and d"

I know it may seem easier to jump right into setting the appointment but it does make a huge difference when you take the time to go through all of these things. You WILL set more appointments and have more appointments actually show! I hope this break down gave you all a better understanding of what needs to be done when building value. If you are still not sure, PLEASE contact us so we can help you! We will be posting a new Customer Service blog every month so look out for them! Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

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The Customers Service team at Dealer Synergy works hands on with coordinators and representatives on a daily basis. They understand the difficulties and challenges facing these important team members, and have revolutionized solutions that can help anyone overcome them. Every member of Dealer Synergy's Customer Service team spends several hours a week being trained by top industry experts on the best sales methods.